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Anti-Gun Group Makes Dumbest Comment About Armed Teachers Yet

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I get that not everyone is comfortable with the idea of armed teachers. I mean, I had a teacher who had a hair temper and, years later, a murder trial of his very own. I’ve often wondered how many of us would have survived if he’d had a firearm on hand. After all, teenagers can be real punks and we weren’t much different, unfortunately.

However, being uncomfortable with armed teachers doesn’t excuse you from being stupid.

The anti-gun group known as Newtown Action decided to try and apply some pressure on Ohio Governor John Kasich. In the process, they made perhaps the dumbest comment regarding armed teachers humanly possible.

.@JohnKasich Arming your teachers in schools will not stop mass shootings in malls, movie theaters, concert venues, churches, etc. https://t.co/RZclqgcVHj via @nbcnews

— Newtown Action (@NewtownAction) June 20, 2018

Well, no. But that would be why, following Sutherland Springs, more states started permitting parishioners to be armed, for example. It’s why we tend to push for other venues to lose their gun free zone status after mass shootings.

Each location of these shootings offers up its own set of challenges. Each needs to be looked at accordingly and, as a result, we push for the right combination of laws to put more armed good guys in that position.

With regard to armed teachers, that’s actually the gun rights crowd being subdued.

Oh, don’t believe me, anti-gunners? Then were are the mass calls to end schools as gun free zones? We’re not sitting here screaming about allowing any law-abiding citizen carry his firearm on school property. No, we’re calling for special permission to be given to employees only. We’re simply asking to allow law-abiding teachers–the people we trust with the things most precious in our lives as it is–to be permitted to carry a firearm if they wish to do so.

I had to bold that last bit because that seems to get lost in the translation with anti-gunners. Then again, when your politics boil down to “everything I don’t like should be forbidden, everything I do like should be mandatory,” it’s difficult not to assume everyone else feels that way. We don’t. I don’t want anyone carrying a gun who doesn’t want to.

But the only places on that list? We don’t need special laws to arm a certain segment of the population. We need an armed population who will rise up and meet these threats as they come. The best way to do that, however, is by allowing individuals to step up and protect their own lives by using a firearm to deal with the evils of the world.

And yes, that includes teachers inside of school buildings…but it also includes teachers in other places as well. After all, teachers are people too, right?

Arguing that armed teachers won’t stop mass shootings in other locations may be one of the dumbest arguments yet. However, it also betrays the irrationality of many who argue against gun rights. They don’t think. They don’t reason. They emote. They scream and make logical leaps that are Olympic Games worthy.

But, at the end of the day, they can’t actually back up any of their claims. The truth is, guns save lives when they’re in the hands of law-abiding citizens, so why not make sure more law-abiding citizens have guns when they might need them?

Hat tip: Gun Free Zone

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