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7 minutes ago, Ripcannon said:

Do you have an idea who would do some chit like that..or random 


Our server is so big that we also host a number of other website .... 3 forums and multiple wordpress sites , it appears that there was a vulnerability on one of the wordpress sites that let the hacker into the server. All they did was redirect the site on mobile to another site and used our mail server to send out some spam.


The code was hidden in the core files of the site ... we tried to "surgically" remove the "infection" but nicked a main artery, it got ugly real fast ... we reverted to a back up of the site ... it was also infected , we went back 3 updates and found a good version first week of june and overwrote the files on the server with the good files , but there hacker had files out side the core files as well we quarantined the site and switched to a clone of the back up, i then manually re-loaded every attachment that was uploaded on the site in the month of june , this included all images , avatars etc


I have spent the last few hours closing holes in the wordpress sites to prevent reoccurrence. all is well now and no body content will ever be at risk because everything is encrypted


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Good lord Fixer! What a dang mess! 

So glad you were able to repair it and fix it. “Fixer” is the right handle for you buddy! 


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