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My American Flag is Made in America. I Paid $10. More for it because it was
1. Made in America.
2. It has Embroidered Stars and still looks great after 5 years daily use!
I put out my flag every Morning and Every Morning I Salute To Absent Friends Jim Price (I was the last one from Peshtigo to see him alive), John Rich (His Widow Gave Birth 1hr after my daughter was Born Same Hospital.) Steve Swatike, (Very Close Friend whose widow did not buy a headstone… We took up a collection!) So I salute them and remember them EVERY DAY! The NFL can KISS MY ASS!


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Ok, I buried 3 of my best Friends in Two Weeks. I am Done Forever with the NFL! I don't give a Damn What their Commissioner "tells them" THEY DON'T HAVE THE HEART TO BE RESPECTED BY ANY VETERAN! I will continue to BOYCOTT the NFL until they put ME in the Ground and if it were possible even AFTER THAT!

Not Everybody in this Picture made it HOME!


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That is a really awesome photo ! thanks for sharing! as for the nfl ... personally i want a broad line between my entertainment and politics , that goes for sports , tv and movies , i watch and pay to be entertained , so entertain me


No one asked them for their real life opinions on anything , they need to keep it to them selves and play the game and be  happy little millionaires

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Amen Brother,
Say is there any way we can get word out to people within driving distance of Green Bay Wisconsin To come to our Meetings?

They Center around the one I just posted...


JULY 2018 WiMM Luncheons in Appleton & Green Bay -.jpg

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