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A Basic Corn Whiskey glass is the salt of the earth for this monumental occasion. It takes only three ingredients and a passion to feast and celebrate to make this one shine: corn, malted barley and yeast. 

Here’s the recipe:

6 gallons water
8 quarts cracked corn 
2 quarts crushed malted barley 
1 pack of whiskey yeast  (5g) 

 You can buy the ingredients

from brewery supply stores or directly from local farmers.
 Heat the water to begin with. When it boils, remove from heat. Add the cracked corn and stir. Cover the mash and let sit for an hour, stirring every 15 min. Remove the lid and wait for the mash to cool down. Then add the crushed malted barley. Stir and cover for 45 minutes.Stir the mash again and let it cool to room temperature for about 4-6 h. Once the mash is cooled to room temperature add the whiskey yeast. Stir for a few minutes. Leave the yeasted mash to ferment for 3-5 days. Using a mesh laundry bag, strain out the solid grains and add them to your compost. Load the still with the fermented wash, now strained of solids. Distill, redistill, age (aging Whiskey requires a barrel). Raise your glass, and drink!

Happy 4th of July! 

Jason Stone
Whiskey Still Company

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