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You Cannot Own Property in America

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We had a lawyer in our group many years ago. He went to a car dealership in Missouri, don’t recall which one, paid cash ( can’t do that any more), got the MSO which is the same thing you are talking about, drove it back to Houston. Never got tags, inspection, etc. had a magnetic sign made stating, “private, not for hire” . 


I had friends who, when their baby was born, refused to give the child’s name to the attendant when she came in... wanted it for the birth certificate. 

They literally had to sneak out of the hospital with friends creating a diversion, (can’t do that any more), they had the doctors sign a Birth Record they made and sign in the Bible as the doctor who delivered the baby. A while later, after many phone calls from the hospital to get the child’s name, they finally sent a Birth Certificate where they had named the child  after the mother and they sent it to the state for registering ... my friends sent the copy back with it marked up that there was no child by that name and it was a falseified document. 


My same friend, when the State was trying to put him in jail for back child support (he was giving his ex money directly & she denied it, he had some receipts but used mostly in cash), filed an In Rem petition against the state’s  Child Support div .., don’t know enough about this action but he won the case and confused the crap out of the attorneys... all this was back in early 2000... 


He he took a $4k course from John B Nelson😉


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It's all designed to control and keep citizens in line.  Anything you have to pay a continual tax on and that can be taken away from you for not paying it, is not really owned by you.  Property, vehicles.  These are some other laws and practices I would like to see nullified!

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Apparently we can if we file for a land patent to our properties!


Land Patent! Sovereign Right to your Property! Never can be taken by Government or a Bank!!!



You still have to pay taxes but with a land patent they can't take your land and home away from you.  For a small filing fee and a little time this is the best way to protect your property.  Once you have a land patent for your property the government can't even use eminent domain to take any part of it.  Residents of Texas by the way do really own their property and it can't be foreclosed on because Texas never ceded their land to the US government when joining the union.


Land Patent Titles -- The Key to True Property Ownership



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