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So here's a thing that bothers me.  People who have nothing to contribute but a meme or a YouTube video.  I think as adults we need to add our own views or give our take on what we post.  I am guilty of doing it once and a while too.


To me it's just lazy to throw a link without putting your spin on it.

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When I link something without commenting on it, it's because I feel the link says it all well enough and additional comment is superfluous.  It's a given I share the same view point.  Now if I don't share the same view point on something I link I do comment on that to differentiate.  Also I am a bit lazy.  In defense though, many of our greatest time saving inventions were made by lazy people figuring out ways to make life easier and things less time consuming.  Also, I do take time and effort to reply to other posts like this one.  I do agree though it is better if people comment from time to time and not just post links.  😉👍   

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Posted (edited)

I get that logic behind It but at least you giving a review official of the topic helps people understand it.


You don't need the theists writing styles. Either but it's nice to see how people feel about it 

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