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50,000 Islamist Attendees Screaming “Alahu Akbar” at US Bank (MN Vikings) Stadium (Celebration?) for TWO DAYS – August 21st & 22nd…

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The largest – AND FIRST – Muslim gathering of it’s kind in N. America – EVER! The so-called Super EID Celebration. 

Really! – Really?


  • Who is paying for it?
  • How much is the tab for renting an entire MN Vikings stadium for TWO DAYS STRAIGHT?
  • Where did the money come from? 

…I thought these folks were poor poor “refugees” (immigrants really).. 

..The local contingent, and massive Somali “community” in Minnesota, just got caught – in plain sight, stealing (Organized Crimed) $Hundreds of Millions of Minnesota Taxpayer Dollars ANNUALLY for at least 5 years, AND COUNTING as we speak, and delivering the stolen Minnesota Taxpayer assets, directly into the hands of TERRORIST groups in Somalia (Al-Shabaab – Boko-Haram – ISIS). 



Ft. Bragg based, Special Forces Staff Sgt. Alexander Conrad, 26, was KIA in Somalia on June 8, 2018, fighting along side 500 young men and women in our military, and was killed by the very same “terrorists” Minnesota Taxpayers are involuntarily funding.. ..Al-Shabaab has since taken responsibility for this killing.

  • How much is the expected MN Taxpayer tab for SECURITY, and Minnesota (Minneapolis / St. Paul) Police – Fire – EMT – services?


Read rest of article:



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