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Hello, all!


I'm going to move to Montana in the Spring from one of the most gun-unfriendly states in the Union ... Illinois.  I will be re-locating to the Bozeman area, where I will have a job waiting for me.


Note that I served my country in Vietnam, from 1968- May 8 of 1969.  I was in Delta Company/2/501/101st, and served as a scout/sniper.  I'm not a kill-crazy kind of guy, and since Vietnam, I've pulled a trigger on only one person (who tried to break into our basement), after he pointed something metallic at me from about 50 yards.  I had a 12-gauge loaded with .00-buck.  He didn't die, but he sure didn't feel good about it!


I tried to join the 3-percenters in Illinois, but they don't seem to be very active.  Accordingly, when I move to Montana, I want to serve my country, and my family, in a good cause.  Currently, I'm well-equipped with a primary weapon, and tactical gear.  Although I'm 69, I'm in pretty darned good shape.


I hope to find the 3-percenters a lot more active than in Illinois, and meet a bunch of you, when I go "way out west".




Steven "Headhunter" Miller

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Thanks alot, Fixer.  When I get to Montana, and start that job, I'll be able to help the group financially.

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Just now, Let_Freedom_Ring said:

Congratulations on the move!  Wish you'd over throw your state government before moving though, I'm in Indiana.  At least the Chicago machine pulling the strings.....  


I was born in Indiana, in Anderson.  Lots of family live in Alexandria and Elwood.


Believe me when I say that if I could throw the Illinois over, I would do it.  The "King of Illinois" ... Mike Madigan ... is going to get his very own criminal in the governor's mansion, next year.  I don't want to stay here one minute longer than I have to!  By the way, Madigan (the Illinois Speaker of the House), is the guy who actually pulls the strings, in this State.

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