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With over 3,000 members and 500 units involved in some capacity with My Militia, it is likely you will come across content you disagree with or don’t like.


No part of this is addressed at any specific individual. It is a result of several actions and complaints, both real and perceived. Any belief that an individual is being singled out is a result of either a clear misunderstanding, or a misplaced ego.


My Militia was created as a tool to network Militias and People by bringing them together. We understand the range of opinions and views across our website and remind the members to always take that into consideration.


Comments calling for, asking us for, or suggesting violence, clear discrimination and personal attacks will not be tolerated. Our choice is to allow the community to post content, as long as the content is not of a nature that puts someone or the site in real life harm.


However, that is not license to complain every time you see a word that you find offensive, seek out an individual post to derive a way to claim an attack or offer ultimatums about your membership.


While we appreciated the 1st Amendment rights of citizens. Using that argument as a semantic, expecting us to comply with personal desires or making demands, is not an appropriate way to address a complaint. It is also an insult to the service members and patriots who make personal sacrifices in order to protect the rights of all Americans.


We cannot moderate content based solely on a perceived offense as that will in turn cause another perceived offense.


If you disagree with how we run this site you are just as free to leave it as you were when you joined.


Everywhere I go each day I see or hear something I don't like


How do I react to that? I take it for what it is and carry on.


I have to listen to people complain about things on the daily not just on this site but everywhere. I listen and sometimes i agree and sometimes i don't but at the end of the day all of us should find a way to be willfully open and careful to not "Build a Bubble" if you alienate everyone who does not agree with you from your life, sooner or later you become the center of your own universe. Alone, surrounded by only one perspective.


Recently we have a lot of feedback from "YYY" people who don't want to be associated with a site that allows "XXX" content.


Yet it is beyond the m to consider "XXX" may not like your "YYY" content either.


When reading something you don't like, post a response explaining (not complaining or instigating) your point of view on the situation and we can engage in a healthy debate on both sides.


MM as a site and the staff are not going to waste their time with frivolous complaints and hurt feelings


If you have something valuable to add to the site we encourage you to do so. Sharing knowledge and experience is the driving force that will bring us together. The individual reader is solely responsible for how they choose to “feel” and how they choose to respond to a posting.


Remember, the philosophy here is to bring together “likeminded” people. Yet we find ourselves in a situation where a few are behaving in a manner not conducive to that concept.


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