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Dylan Stamper

The Battle For Liberty

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I saw a dark cloud rise from the sea. In it were all manner of bewilderment. Small and great pitted one against the other. Great fires danced to some silent, terrible orchestra. The mouths of vile creatures, gaping and grotesque, opening and closing as if to bite in vain at some unseen morsel, too big for even them to take all at once. Tens of thousands of the most horrid creatures you could scarcely imagine... approaching endlessly as if in eternal march. It all swirled within the darkness around and around, yet the entirety seemed to be only a small portion of some greater thing that one either could not see or would not for fear of what he might find if he turned his gaze more broadly upon that which controlled the visage of horror before them. I, alone, stood silently upon the precipice of this great cliff... I felt I should fear, but did not. I felt I should run, but I did not. I felt as though anger and hatred and all forms of wrath should take hold of me and drive me into the great calamity rising from the sea... but it did not. Instead, a great peace fell over me. I saw the beauty of such a thing as this and knew that for all of its fantastic disarray, it was well ordered and controlled. I closed my eyes for but a moment. I let all burdens fall away... for what lay next would require every drop of strength and tenacity my spirit could muster. I stepped back from the edge of the sheer rock face, which held certain death below, to be sure. I called out. I called for the bold and the brave. I called for the strong and the clever. I called for the protectors and warriors and those whose wings could simply not be seen by the eyes of mortal men. I called and without hesitation or purpose of evasion, they all answered the call. They too had seen the mass... They had seen the beast entire and knew that such things do not fall easily and the battle could not be left for the next generation. They covered themselves first with armor. It was not shining nor wrought with elegant design, for these men were not seen by the world as noble, nor lofty in their rank. Most had names that would soon be forgotten with no heir to carry it on. Yet... one and all they answered. Shoulder to shoulder they stood. Their cry was fierce. Their weapons held high in the air... I stepped towards my enemy... our enemy... and the earth shook beneath my feet. You would think such a fool of me. Rank upon rank thundered in charge towards the cliff... but none fell. As the sun rose, the first rays of white light pierced the darkness and the legions of those whose blood was spilled in defense of liberty and life rose to meet our feet. They carried us into battle... Yet we knew no victory in the hours that passed... the darkness pushed us back... back to solid ground and advanced as if we were but a nuisance. A day and a night we fought. No hope in the darkest hour of the night. Strength failing... any mirage of victory had faded with the sunset... the night was cold and unforgiving but we held our ground. Forward... wait for the dawn... It should have seemed as clear to me as a written message... but trepidation kept it from my mind... dawn cracked the horizon... a chorus of trumpets sliced the tumultuous air... and the battle went silent. The air shook with the sound of trumpets. The darkness heaved and writhed as if in agony from the sound... not a word was uttered. The blood soaked and weary fell to their knees... forgetting the nightmare behind them, reinforcements... reinforcements... we all faced the east... the new dawn... I looked and beheld a white horse... and He who sat upon it...

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