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Joshua Blessed

I was once also called an - Atheist / he-dog for 32 years,

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I was once also called an - Atheist / he-dog for 32 years, and I knew and all flesh does know that God is real and exist, but if I do acknowledge that God is then I must submit to Him ! But I like to live in my sinful lust and pleasure of this world as he-dog, although my own conscience convicted me each time as I did sin, but I suppressed it by my lust. For all flesh do know that > lust/sin is pleasurable, and it is why none of "dogs" would give up their pleasure for the sake of God . But God knows how to shake you off of your foolish "dogs" pleasure. That's why in 1994 Yahweh (God) descended from heaven and came to my room and I saw Him and He spoke to me and when I stood in His holy presence Heavenly pleasure overcame me, then I realized that all the enjoyment of this world - is a vomitive comparison to Heavenly! So, here's my challenge to all the "dogs" who still love this earthly vomiting to eat; - >>> Just ask Yahweh (God) to come to you personally and prove it to you that He is God and you will never be the same. Here is my great experience with Him:


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