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I was on my second day of a new job.  I was just entering the shop area for 1st break and noticed everyone huddled around the TV.  I saw tower one in flames and that the headline read plane crashes into the tower.  Then live I saw the second plane come in and hit the 2nd tower.  I said out loud, "one plane hitting one tower might be an accident but 2 planes hitting both towers is some kind of attack".  It was weird seeing no planes flying in the sky for a couple of weeks after except for military flights.  We were near a good sized university airport that has a flight school, so the absence of planes in the air was very noticeable.  Except for the air guard that would land and refuel there on their patrols.  They would do a low fly by before landing then they would do a combat climb after taking off.  It sure looked good to me!

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I remember my unit was just coming back in from a 3 week long field training exercise.  We were at the wash rack when orders came down to get pack to motor pool and gear up for patrols. A day that I will never ever forget.

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