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Remember that time Democrats believed Bill Clinton's accusers?

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8 hours ago, Let_Freedom_Ring said:

Remember that time Democrats believed Bill Clinton's accusers?


I'm pretty old... but I just can't seem to recall that, I'm afraid.  I can remember Bill jogging and nearly having a heart attack; I can recall a cigar and semen stains on a dress: I can recall Hillary "standing by her man", but for the life of me I can't recall any support for his victims.  But what has that got to do wi…. Okay, got it!!  Seriously though, have we come to the point where accusations are, in themselves, proof of guilt?  I am old enough to remember a time when proof was required, when the accused had a right to confront his/her accuser, and when people were presumed innocent until PROVEN guilty.  I hope the liberals are aware that the tactics they use today, can and will be used against them in the future.  The real victim here is the Constitution and it's processes. 

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