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Kroger Shooting Turns Out As Another Gun Control Failure

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A shooting earlier this week at a Kroger in Kentucky undoubtedly spurred many gun control advocates to talk about the need for more “common sense gun reforms” to try and stop horrific events like that from happening. You can bet that if there’s a public shooting, someone is going to use it to justify gun control immediately afterward.

Unfortunately, it looks like the shooter may have been officially prohibited from owning a firearm under existing gun control laws.

Rogers said police were investigating whether Bush was legally permitted to carry firearms. But on several occasions, court records show, judges ordered Bush’s guns taken from him, and a domestic violence conviction in 2009 prevents him from legally owning a firearm.

In fact, Bush’s contact with the legal system stretches back to at least the 1990s and includes a string of criminal, traffic and domestic violence cases. Bush’s parents told police they were “terrified” of their son, whom they said assaulted and held them against their will.

At least twice, records show, Bush was hospitalized over concerns for his mental health, including once after a suicide attempt in 2000. His former wife later claimed he had been diagnosed as “paranoid” and given medication that he stopped taking.

In one instance in 2001, an ex-girlfriend took out an emergency protective order because she “feared for her life.” Bush’s father said his son carried a gun with him wherever he went and was “dangerous,” according to court records.


There’s no mention of whether the restraining order was still in effect, but the domestic violence conviction alone should have barred him from purchasing a firearm legally. Couple that with the mental health confinements, assuming they weren’t voluntary, and there’s no way he could legally obtain a firearm.

But he did.

He did, and now people are dead despite gun control laws.

The problem with gun control laws is that they only benefit the law abiding. In this case, the killer appears to be a paranoid schizophrenic who thought people wanted him dead. He was probably going to find a way to get a gun regardless of what the law said. He was going to get one any way he could.

That’s the thing gun control zealots tend to forget in their mad rush to stop the unstoppable. Those inclined to commit evil acts will still commit evil acts. They won’t suddenly become loving, gentle members of society just because it’s difficult for them to get a gun. They’ll either find a way to get a gun or turn to a different weapon. You’re not going to stop them.

Instead, it’s better to focus on the causes of violence, so events like this become far more of an anomaly than they currently are. Even today, we’re not as violent as some think, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do better.

But “better” doesn’t mean infringing on the rights of people who did nothing wrong just because someone used a disfavored tool. That’s not how we fix the problem.

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Yep...gun control legislation does'nt necessarily keep the nuts from acquiring them.  There will always be a fringe element out there someplace (and I think they make up a minute portion of society), who are willing to act in an unethical, unscrupulous, and criminal manner.  And the perps who are guilty of mass shootings, ought to be looked at 'under a microscope'-are they on psych meds, do they have criminal records, are they even eligible to have firearms, where did they get the illegal firearm and who did they get it from?  The answers to questions like these never seem to come out, so it makes you wonder if they even ask these kind of questions.  Gun Control is a drastic failure.  The problem is not with the gun, but with the person using it, and that isn't exactly rocket science.  Just a thought.  Max 

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Guess I dropped the ball on that one.   What I meant to say was, "People with violent criminal histories, such as a robbery or a burglary where someone was shot or hurt by the perp, or a crime where someone was irresponsibly shot  in a pre-meditated-malicious-vindictive-execution  style"...I'd be very comfortable in denying those types from owning a firearm.  But that's just me.  I'm not for throwing the Constitution out, but at some point, I think common sense does have to kick in.  The Constitution was not written with the intention that it would cover 100% of the situations.  The authors expected those in governmental positions to be able to exercise reasonable judgment and make decent decisions-conditions dictate methods.  The news media and the politicians, have demonstrated (time and again) to our civilian masses, that they've got very tainted and questionable judgment.  They seem to attack everything except the problem.  What they do,  wastes a lot of time and resources.  Just a thought.  Max

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23 minutes ago, Max said:

I think common sense does have to kick in.  The Constitution was not written with the intention that it would cover 100% of the situations.

I can agree...my position on self- defense and the 2a ,,, its a undeniable right everyone even bad guys should be able to protect themselves and family's by todays means of defense...if they cant have guns when they come outta jail why let um out???there still apparently a danger other wise we'd let um arm themselves...again I understand your point...good stuff bud

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