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What kind of vehicles are good to have? Should a militia have a motor pool? Even Afghan war lords have some trucks, some armor, probably a garage somewhere to work on their stuff. 

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Assessing and discussing your mobility is a necessary thing with proper prepping plans. If everyone has a working vehicle with spare parts and spare fuel, that is a huge step in the right direction. Not every militia is going to buy surplus humvees and other military vehicles. One aspect to consider is blending in with the local population. A military looking convoy is great for the warlords, but bad if the group of people is trying to navigate unsecured terrain while avoiding drawing the attention of others.

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I think I would have to agree.  While it's vitally important to have transport available, it may not be a good idea to have a dedicated motor pool... for a couple of reasons.  I guide everything  by this one adage: the more stuff you have, the more stuff you need to maintain.  Since militia will likely be the "target" of any operations when things head south, you don't want to have to defend a fixed installation from a superior force.  As hatchet said, if you are readily ID'd as militia, you'll become a target for all kinds of unwanted attention.   Lastly, as I see it, there's no sense pouring resources/assets into a fixture you will be forced to abandon sooner or later.  


Having said that, your logistics/combat readiness could be well served if you had a "transport committee/team" that ORGANIZED the resources of the unit.  Each member of the team would make sure that (designated, individually owned and dispersed) transport was working and available for use by the unit.   You could even allocate funds for that purpose if available, but verification would need to be made as to condition/serviceability of the designated vehicles. 


Priority-wise, I'd probably put it fairly far down the list, since there are bound to be more pressing issues for the unit as a whole, and most everyone will already have their own transport.

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The most effective militias and patriot groups are those that know what they are doing and why they are doing it. Say your group was mainly a prepping and survival group living in the suburbs of a large city. Having each member keep a reliable vehicle to evacuate to the bug-out area or to a rally point would be paramount. If your group was already in a rural area, most people would have reliable off-road transportation plus a spare, and thus you may want to have several motorcycles/ATVs/snowmobiles in the group as scout vehicles to save fuel.


Tune your strategy according to your group's mission goals. When getting up to bat in a baseball game, don't worry about how you are getting to home. Just worry about how you are getting to first base, then worry about second. If you follow that plan, your goals will be met faster, and then you can work on the next area of weakness or area you want to get covered. I am not preaching to anyone specific here, but this is a good plan to follow for many things in everyday life.

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