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3 Awesome Survival Courses

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3 awesome survival courses that you should consider as Christmas gifts this year are being offered at discounted prices by Sigma 3 Survival School. Starting this Thursday, the Sigma 3 Survival School is offering great deals so you can get that formal survival training that you have always wanted to obtain. Have ever wanted to get formal survival training from certified instructors? However, maybe taking a survival course is not in your realm of things to accomplish. However, is there anyone that you know, who is an outdoor enthusiast, who might benefit from taking a comprehensive survival course? Now is your chance to take advantage of the opportunity to get the training that you have wanted or for a friend at a reasonable price. What kind of deal can you get during the discounted period for the course that you choose?

The Standard and Advanced Survival courses are being offered at 50% off the standard price during this holiday sale period. The 45-day Survival Instructor Course is being offered at 35% off the regular price. Furthermore, the certifications that you gain from this formal instruction is good for 3 years. Additionally, class credits are transferable, just contact the great people at the school to get guidance for your particular concerns. What are the three courses that we recommend?

The Survival Standard Course

The first of the excellent survival courses that you can take advantage of is the Survival Standard Course. This course is a 5-day period of instruction that will teach you the basics of wilderness survival. It is the best course to take if you have never had any training in the outdoors, especially in primitive survival skills.

Course Description

The Survival Standard is the Sigma 3 Survival School’s most popular wilderness survival training course. This survival course will familiarize you with the basics of surviving in the outdoors. This course will prepare you to deal with the most common wilderness survival scenarios that will be encountered in the field. What is will be taught over the five days that you are in the field?

Program of Instruction

The Sigma 3 instructors will teach you some great skills, techniques, and procedures for making it in the wilderness under less than desirable circumstances should you find yourself lost or separated from your gear. The schedule of instruction is as follows:

  • Day 1: Shelter Day! Hands on building of numerous types of survival shelters.
  • Day 2: Water Procurement. Learn to get clean water quickly.
  • Day 3: Fire Making/Friction fire, all night fire, etc. Become a master of making fire in tough conditions!
  • Day 4: Survival trapping and plant foraging
  • Day 5: Primitive navigation, natural cordage, and primitive weapons.

The Standard Survival Course gives comprehensive training to those who are inexperienced with outdoor survival. Additionally, this course also has a minimum list of gear to bring.

Packing List

This packing list is a minimum listing of gear to bring to the course. The packing list is as follows:

  • Small-Medium Backpack
  • Poncho or Rain Gear
  • Outdoor Clothing
  • Fixed blade knife
  • Folding saw
  • Hatchet or Axe
  • Paracord
  • Overnight Camping Gear

Overall, the Standard Survival Course that is being taught by the awesome instructors at the Sigma 3 Survival School lays an essential foundation for wilderness survival. What is the next recommended survival course to consider as a Christmas gift?

The Advanced Standard Survival Course

The second of the survival courses offered by Sigma 3 Survival School is the Advanced Survival Training Standard or the Advanced Standard for short. The Advanced Standard builds on the skills learned in the Standard course. What is the basic purpose of the training?

Course Description

The purpose of the wilderness survival training courses is to slowly transition you into being able to live off the land and make you a self-sufficient in the field. This training will give the confidence that you need to both survive and thrive in the wilderness. Does this course have a packing list?

Packing List

The packing list for this course is the same minimal gear requirements as the Standard course. What are the skills being taught in this course?

Course Outcomes

The outcomes of this course will teach you the following skills:

  • Butchering – You’ll kill, butcher, and process a goat from beginning to end with nothing but stone flakes. No knife!
  • Bushcraft Cooking – We will process the goat and teach you jerky making as well as several other long term food preservation in the wild.
  • Making rawhide -We will make useful cordage from the hide.
  • Building a Survival Bow (Quickie bow) – This section will show you how to make a bow of similar quality to a longbow in a few days without pre-drying the stave.
  • Primitive Hand drill and Totally Primitive Bow Drill -Using bark cordage
  • Advanced Survival Trapping – We will cover a plethora of primitive and modern traps.
  • Basket Fish Traps & other useful fishing tactics – You will build a large basket fish trap, crawdad trap, and other survival fishing tactics.
  • Basket Making, Containers, & Quivers– You’ll learn the principles of building containers for
  • Wild Crafting- Plant identification and uses
  • Flint Knapping and Stone Tool- Learn how to make basic stone tools.
  • Bone tools- arrowheads, awls, & fish hooks

As you can see, the Advanced Survival Course is truly advanced in its skill set. Learning how to manufacture primitive tools along with procuring food and water with those tools sets you up for successfully living in a field environment for an extended period of time. Yet, there is one more course that we recommend to you during this sale period.

45-Day Survival Instructor Program

The final consideration of the survival courses from Sigma 3 Survival School is the 45-Day Survival Instructor Program. The 45-Day Survival Instructor course is a six week period of instruction designed to immerse you into the basic survival training required to be an instructor. This course is a Level 1 instructor program and the most intense program we offer. What are some of the benefits of being certified in this course?

Course Benefits

There are some great benefits to signing up this course of instruction. Those benefits are as follows:

  • Take any future SIGMA 3 courses for free! FOR LIFE!
  • 45 Days is the perfect reset! Clear your mind, body, & soul!
  • Learn everything you need to know about Bushcraft & Survival.
  • Be part of a global family of instructors on 4 continents.
  • Learn the business of survival and how to build an outdoors career.
  • Be able to survive extreme survival situations with only a knife.
  • Learn how to shoot YouTube® videos and write blogs.
  • Make lifelong friends from all over the world!
  • Be more fit and hardened to face life’s challenges.

Additionally graduating and becoming certified in this course sets you up to potentially work for Sigma 3 in the future. Essentially you can start your own Sigma 3 satellite location. Also, you can use these skills to start your own outdoor programs. The Sigma 3 45-day Instructor Training is the only instructor program in the world that offers a potential franchise opportunity after you graduate. Moreover, this course has a comprehensive program of instruction.

Program of Instruction

The schedule of instruction for the 45-Day Instructor course is as follows:

  • Survival Standard Basic-Intermediate (Week 1)
  • Advanced Survival Standard Advanced Primitive Skills (Week 2)
  • Wild Plants, Bow Making, and Survival Trapping (Week 3)
  • Long Term Survival & Primitive Living (Week 4)
  • Scout Knife Only Survival Week! Live off the land with only a knife (Week 5)
  • SERE Training, Escape & Evasion, Urban Survival (Week 6)

As you can see, this training is very thorough. It definitely sets the student up for success in the field. You can not go wrong with taking advantage of this survival training. For more information on this and other training offered by the Sigma 3 Survival School, visit their website and call them to get your particular questions answered regarding these courses.

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