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I need help with a computer issue

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I really am grateful that my daughter bought me a new desktop/tower. 



BUT... it has Windows10 which I do not want, it does not appear to have any info with it other than just the basic specs... nothing about the programs which may or may not be on it. 


I am a "plug & play"  operator. Plus I have bad eyesight now (20/30 left yr, 20/40 right eye with a cataract in that eye) and really can't read it anyway. 


So.... can someone look at that link at tell me in plan layman terms...

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Well, this link might help. It explains some of the software that HP uses...



A word of advice with desktops... I would use an external hard drive for saving all of your pictures, documents, and other important stuff. A computer friend informed me that the hard drives are notoriously known for short life, I found that out in person when I bought an HP desktop really similar to that one, and the hard drive shelled out two days after the one year warranty. I decided to try an HP Pavilion laptop and have been loving it for the last four years without issues.


With regards to software, I don't use microsoft word or office, but run similar software called Apache Free Office. I don't run Norton either, preferring to use PC Matic and Avast.

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2 hours ago, Let_Freedom_Ring said:

YAH, Windows 10 sucks big time.  None of my computer games work with it because it isn't backwards compatible.  

Yep, it sucks, although I thought I saw a way online to backdoor patch around that while I was downloading xbox software to my laptop.

I run 8.1 version. Took forever to get the stupid auto update to quit trying to download 10 on my laptop.

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Thanks everyone


My current system is an HP Envy running windows 8.1


i have 3 external HD. A 1TB, a 3TB and a older one that is so many GB, can’t recall exactly. 


I downloaded the Windows 10 Guard that stops it from updating to W10 👍


i was hoping there there was a way to uninstall Windows 10 on the new one and put 8.1 on it. 😩😩

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