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Noah Webster 1828 Dictionary Militia and Patriot

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I went looking for the definitions of "Communist", "Nationalist" & "Socialist". Not because I don't know what these words mean today but I wanted to see the definitions before the wordsmiths twisted these.  I was surprised to see these words didn't exist in 1828. ... interesting.
I went on to look at "Militia" and "Patriot"... again to see how these were defined in 1828.


MILITIA, n. [L. from miles, a soldier; Ir.
nial or mil; W. milwr; Gr. ~ war;
~&a~w, to fight; a~u~cao,mbat, contention.
The primary sense offighting is to strive,
struggle, drive, or to strike, to beat, Eng.
moil, L. molior, Heb. Ch. Syr. Sam. Ar.
to labor or toil. So exercitus, from
exerceo, to exert, to strive. Class Ml. No.
The body of soldiers in a state enrolled for
discipline, but not engaged in actual service
except in emergencies; as distinguished
from regular troops, whose sole
occupation is war or military service. The
militia of a country are the able bodied
men organized into companies, regiments
and brigades, with officers of all grades,
and required by law to attend military exercises
on certain days only, but at other times left to pursue their usual occupations.


PATRIOT n. [Fr. patriote, from L. patria,
one’s native country, from pater, father.]!,
A person who loves his country, and zealously
supports and defends it and its interests.
Such tears as patriots shed for dying laws.

PATRIOT a. Patriotic; devoted to the
welfare of Qfl~~5country; as patriot zeal.
PATRIOTIC a. Full of patriotism; actuated
by the love of one’s country; as a
patriotic hero or statesman.
2. Inspired by the love of one’s country;
directed to the public safety and welfare;
as patriotic zeal.
PATRIOTISM n. Love of one’s country;
the passion which aims to serve one’s
country, either in defending it from inva-
sion, or protecting its rights and main-!
taming its laws and institutions in vigor
and purity. Patriotism is the characteristic
of a good citizen, the noblest passion
that animates a man in the character of a


Sharing just because some may find it interesting as well. I have the dictionary on a dvd... but I think this is a link that you can do a word search in case anyone is curious about word meanings and how these have changed...

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