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yeah fellas im asking your load out

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I wanna know what you fellas carry...how many mags...do you know how much your assault pack weights any info you don't mind givin I wanna know...this is just a fun one and I've seen a lot of new members so maybe this could help them...I run as my MBR a dpms .308 one of the badass ones got it setup for mid to long range..i carry nothing in my assault pack accept water jerky and magz...my sidearm on my hip is a glock 40 ls (10mm)that's all sorts of taticool and I always keep a .380lcp in my pocket...I put my glock 17 on my pack so I have extra weight all over the place don't pick on it I enjoy my setup and of course I have my kbar on its own belt...im still trying to work in 100 ft rope and my .50 but its just not practicool.and I got my lucky plate carrier(I don't put plates in it 90% of the time that's for the unfaithful)anyway im sure I missed stuff like flashlight and nightlights but let me know if your up to it.

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assault camel back equipped with the following~



2L. water bladder


water proof matches

80Ft TW9

200Ft roll tan twine

repelling clip(2) and support chain

chunk of obsidian for makeshift tool making

bottle of seam sealer for repairs

P38 and heuck set for food grade cans


dessert skullcap

field water filter straw

jack knifes (two sizes)

wet stone

screw drivers (phil head 2 sizes and flat 2 sizes)

1'' adjustable wrench

heavy duty pliers (2 sizes)

side cutters (2 sizes)

needle nose pliers

micro craft saw

changeable security screw driver

heavy duty scissors

1Lb jerky

1Lb rice

3.2oz powered milk

rain poncho

Constitution, Bill of rights and King James bible


water canteen and wool pouch

mess kit

fencing fliers

hand CB

trench shovel

shrapnel proof ballistic protection goggles

Camillus combat knife

nodochi short swords (x2)

EMT field kit (complete and with extra) *hint* carry tampons

and an old stetson from a friend who carried it to Vietnam and back (I don't wear it I just carry it)


Custom 870 tactical pump shotgun on shoulder sling (shoulder sling carries 8 slugs)

bolt action 223/5.56 rifle slung on back

Colt  1911 in WWII breast holster


2 ammo pouches (200 rounds each)

1 ammo pouch (55 buckshot)

2 extra magazines of 45 acp (Need more)


altogether 47Lb, I'm 116Lb and maintain a steady march in full rattle at 4.21mph and jog 8.11mph





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what you carry a bolt action and a pump(my bolt gun is about 24lbs)...id loose the tampons there really not as good as you think..and swords...,but to each his own...my assault pack is between 14-16 lbs..and my full pack is 84 lbs...I might throw in my cold steel hunga munga but my kbar is trusty and lighter....good one killbird I would lose a lot of that for a assault pack but you no what will work for you I tend to be a minimalist.

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Most of what I carry is what I had when I lived out in the mountains and carefully chosen for long periods of time and in time of combat the pack will be left with my men to assure that they have what they need while I'm paying the opposition a visit and introducing them to Goldilocks(shotgun) 😉 and by the time they notice I'm there Ai and Kirai  (short swords) has already high fived them in the face. Texas(bolt action) is only there when I,m on the fire line with my brothers, she chooses her target wisely. Beth(pistol) is my girl and I don't like making her work too much but in a pinch she's got my back. I can't see leaving Ai and Kirai behind as I trained with them since I was 7 so you can see why it's hard to brake that beautiful relationship. And I wouldn't underestimate the tampon as a brother of mine made it home alive because of a tampon, He holds the saying now "Stop being a bitch and put something in that bleeding hole!" All of these are of my opinion and experience but you are right "You know what works for you" Thanks for the topic brother.

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