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WATCH: Testing the Luth-AR Mark12 Complete Upper Barrel Assembly

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In today’s world of a watered-down AR-15 market, the cream rises to the top. In that regard, the new Luth-AR Mark12 Barrel AR Kit was impressive. We got a first look recently during the 2018 Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous.

Don’t let the name underwhelm you. Though it’s called a barrel kit, this collection of high-end parts provides everything you need to build a precision AR-15 in 5.56mm. As such, the kit lacks only a stripped receiver. Further, build feature within Luth-AR’s website offers several component upgrades throughout the checkout process.

“All you need to get is your stripped lower receiver and you’ll be going with a precision rifle again,” said Luth-AR’s Dustin Emholtz.

Luth AR Mark12 Features

The heart of this kit is the 18-inch, 4140 chrome moly Mark12 5.56 barrel. Additionally, it is button broached, features a 1:9 righthand twist, with six lands and grooves. Further, the barrel utilizes a 1/2×28 thread pattern, perfect for common aftermarket accessories.

To promote long-range shooting, the package includes the company’s 15-inch Key Mod Palm Handguard, including the barrel nut. An A3 upper receiver ties it all together.

A fully assembled bolt carrier, standard gas tube and .750 gas block complete the upper’s internals. An A2 flash hider also comes with the kit.

Meanwhile, shooters get to pick between two of the company’s popular MBA buttstocks, the very product that relaunched the Luth name back into the AR world. The MBA-1, a fixed unit, or MBA-3, an adjustable model, deliver solid ergonomics and tremendous versatility for an AR-type rifle.

Component upgrades include Velocity Trigger, Chubby Grip, Paddle Oversize Bolt Catch, The Switch Extended Selector, Wide Body Trigger Guard and The Trigger Trainer.

Complete 18-inch Mark12 AR Rifle Kits range in price from $529.99 to $544.99, depending on the MBA stock selection.

For more information, visit luth-ar.com.

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