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Mass Violence Prevention Act Looks To REDEFINE Assault Weapons (Like They Did For Bump Stocks)

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Dang Democrat Socialist commies! They are going to keep pushing, we are going to keep being civil ... until we have no other choice! I do NOT want that choice either, I do not want it for my children or grandchildren either. 


“I prefer peace. But if trouble must come, let it come in my time, so that my children can live in peace.” Thomas Paine

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Putting limitations on magazine capacity, doing away with bump stocks, redefining assault weapons, etc., etc.-none of this is going to solve the problem that everyone is so frantic about.  I don't think any of this does more than set a precedent and open the door for further nonsense.  There are a lot of instances where people lost particular rights and freedoms, and much of this was done by using gradual, silent, hardly noticeable methods.  And I think most of these 'losses' are a result of sly, under-the-table tactics instead of open violence.  Many bills get pushed through the system with vague wording, attachments, and what not-it's all done on the same principle.  Guess that's why we need to stay on our toes.   Once a small freedom has been taken away, and once those in authority realize that they can get by with it, the next time, they may infringe on something slightly bigger.



















a crack in the and so on

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