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Miss piggy calls for assault weapon ban

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Pure, unadulterated B.S..  Sure, a longarm with a 20 round clip can kill people, but so can a bolt action rifle.  Don't think magazine size has anything to do with it.  The guy behind that trigger is the crucial factor; is he a nut-job who should not have a gun or a responsible, law-abiding citizen.


An argument for magazine capacity says that one that holds 20 or more rounds, allows you to shoot without having to spend a lot of time reloading.  Horse feathers.  A kook with 5 round magazines, who plans a mass incident, probably has the foresight to load a number of clips so he can quickly replace the one that has been emptied.  It's nothing more than another emotional argument that the news media and politicians helped to create by stirring up the populace, and it does not resolve anything one way or the other, only rile people up.  


Sometimes when LEO's are involved in shooting a perp, they have to be cleared by a qualified counselor as a matter of department policy.  Too bad some of our Senatorial and Congressional brothers don't have to undergo the same kind of inconvenience.  It might weed out some of the wierdos.

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what im sayin is if they take are capacity from us were as a mass less of a threat...your right in thinking "there only going after law-abiding citizens"and they no that as much as we want to think it they aint stupid...I Will Not Comply and I urge others in joining me every chance I get...I hope America gets it sorted because HOW is it possible to keep losing rights when were supposed to have people protecting them and were electing them and still it goes on and this to my dismay will continue going on until a mass says stop or else...and inevitably they will take the "or else"...

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I'm with you on that.  Once we start losing 'little rights', further on down the road they can become 'bigger rights', then at some later date, a person often starts to wonder how they even allowed this to happen, but by then, it can be too late.  Hope this country can sort it out in a reasonable way.

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