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Why Salt And Sugar Are Your Best Survival Allies

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Salt, is the salt of the earth!


If the grid goes down or the SHTF, we all know there will be many things, stores and supplies we'll need to have before then.  Water and food are critical items to stock pile, but have you considered having a stockpile of salt?  In ancient times, towns and cities grew up around supplies of fresh drinking water but the proximity and availability of salt was also a location consideration for several reasons.  If the towns weren't near a source of salt, then they were at least on a route used by traders of salt.  1.  The human body needs a certain amount of salt to survive, salt is critical to our life.  Salt is one of the major ways our bodies regulates our fluids.  2. Salt is the most used and liked seasoning, probably because it is a physical need for us as well.  3.  Salt is a preservative.  Salt dries food. Salt draws water out of food and dehydrates it. All living things require water and cannot grow in the absence of water. Salt is used to preserve beef jerky by keeping it dry, and it prevents butter from spoiling by drawing water out, leaving just the fat.  4.  Salt is a valuable commodity trade item for bartering when monetary systems are broken down. So next time you are looking over your long term stores, ask yourself if you have a sufficient supply of salt for your needs and perhaps enough extra to trade with. 

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