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Was there an attempt on him?

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This is a Twitter thread from Gary Rubini. 

Excellent analysis 



2. Nancy Pelosi - "The First female President of the USA"


3. why Nancy Pelosi was so eager to fly away from the country?

with other 92 persons (Dem reps, +families) +a lot of luggage?


why on a Military plane?


why Pelosi wanted to personally select the crew of the Military airplane?


4. Nancy wanted to be sure to have "Pelosi allied" Military guys as crew, perhaps?


5. why Pelosi first stop was Bruxelles - NATO headquarters?


"the Pelosi delegation planned to meet NATO commanders, US Military leaders"


"and key allies"


Key allies = Soros cabal Merkel (Germany). 

Rothschild cabal Macron (France), 

DeepState cabal (UK)

EU boozey Juncker


7. "prior to the John F. Kennedy assassination in Nov 1963,

the Entire Cabinet was flown to Tokyo, Japan."


"at the time of the JFK assassination, the Entire Cabinet was out of the country"


-same pattern with Pelosi and Adam Schiff?

-preparing a new Nancy Pelosi Cabinet?


8. why Pelosi wanted to fly away at all costs?


why Pelosi wanted to fly away with Adam Schiff, plus other 6 Dem  congressmen, plus 85 family members?


during a Gov't shutdown?

isn't it weird?


9. is this a DeepState plot to assassinate Trump and Pence

and replace them with Nancy Pelosi as President of the USA ?


10. we know from a trusted source - Dr. Dave Janda - that there have been

"a dozen of assassination attempts on President Trump"


cc: Dr. Janda @docdhj 


Aug 2018:





11. be sure to watch ALL the Dave Janda video, before moving on.

a Treasure Trove of information.

also on John Brennan and DumbyClapper


12. and - as some of you pointed out - we have this:


"# PresidentPelosi shortly thereafter"


President Pelosi ???


what does it mean?

a "message" to co-conspirators?


13. why Trump blocked Pelosi trip at the last minute?


14. why Trump announced an "important speech at the White House"

scheduled for today, Jan 19, 2019?


15. why the Presidential Alert System has been running several tests in the last days, all over the Nation?




16. Enjoy the show


17. and I want to thank my (confidential) source who has given important tips and inputs this early morning.


These inputs helped me to Connect the Dots and were decisive in writing this Thread.


Thank you!

(you know who you are)



18. remember this:


we see ALL 

we hear ALL 

we have it ALL 


so: no worries.


President Trump knew about the Pelosi-DeepState coup attempt well before it even began.

Keep this in mind.


19. and appropriate counter-measures were immediately put in place by the Trump Team.


Think Mil. Intel.

Think Marines #USMC 


President Trump is VERY well protected.

3 layers.


not only the Secret Service.


20. there is NOTHING the DeepState can do to harm the President.



so, again: you don't need to worry.

everything is under control.


21. why do you think Trump wrote this tweet?


date: Nov. 17, 2018.

10 days after mid-term Elections.


why do you think Trump was "endorsing" Nancy Pelosi?

do you think Trump is stupid?



. [image]


22. Nope. Trump isn't stupid.

how do you catch a Fish?


23. by Nov 17, 2018 the NSA had already intercepted the Pelosi-DeepState plan for the Coup attempt.


and promptly informed President Trump.


Trump & his Team prepared the bait to catch  #Pelosi and her #DeepState co-conspirators.


24. Mil. Intel, NSA, and #USMC were put on alert, since then.

every communication to/from #Pelosi & her #DeepState co-conspirators was intercepted by the NSA.


We see ALL.

We hear ALL


NSA >> Mil. Intel >> Trump Team


25. the NSA intercepts every cellphone, phone call, text message, email, internet activity, GoogleDraft, of EVERYONE,

all over the World.


every word you type on the internet, rest assured the NSA has it, since the very moment you type it.


26. every information is collected and stored in huge NSA Data Centers in Maryland - Ft Meade, and in Utah.

and I will not write about the NRO capabilites.


the NSA is bigger than the CIA + the FBI put together.


take a look at the parking lots at Ft. Meade HQ. 


27. if you want to know more about the NSA,  you can read James Bamford's excellent book "Body of Secrets" (published in 2001) and do research on NSA Echelon 


(though the NSA has much better SigInt systems since several years ago)


We see ALL

We hear ALL

We have it ALL


28. Since the very moment the Pelosi/DeepState Coup plan was initiated,

Pelosi & Co. were royally scr*wed.


the NSA informed the Trump/Mil Intel Team.


The Trump Team alerted #USMC Special Ops and had them ready for Action.


and the Coup was neutralized. 

in utmost SECRECY.


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There is some chatter over outside help for an overthrow and not just an assassination. This makes sense knowing the shear number of Americans behind Trump, they can't take out Trump without recourse and they know this. So why the suspect trip to these key places? A last resort backing to not only to overthrow Trump but his supporters as well. Be on your toes brothers I think this is going to get bigger and far more dangerous for us if we are caught off guard. This could become a full scale war on trump and the people.

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Author of the topic Posted

X22 Report on YouTube stated Trump is the most protected President in history. He has the Secret Service, his own personal bodyguards and Military Intelligence. He does not rely on the CIA for info but on MI. 


Yes, the Left are in their death throes and we are seeing it play out. Supposedly BHO & the real HRC are at GITMO now.

We may never know 


The link referenced in this Q drop. 





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