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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has admitted that Big Tech platforms ‘definitely collude’ to censor users who have undesirable, antiestablishment views. In an interview with HuffPo on Thursday, Dorsey discussed collaborating with Google and Facebook .

UNLOCKED: What Took Place In Nancy Pelosi's Closet...Youtube

The BuzzFeed reporter who wrote the story about President Trump allegedly lying about plans to build a Trump Tower in Moscow admitted on CNN that his claims were fabricated.

Senator Rand Paul has slammed the mainstream media’s double-standard surrounding baseless Russian-collusion allegations against Trump, saying the “only person” we know who “colluded with Russia” was Hillary Clinton.

A top Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton donor has been indicted for the rape of a young boy in September 2013. Prominent Democratic fundraiser Terry Bean was indicted in Lane County, Oregon, on two counts

The Democrats are guilty of so much treason and sedition that they feel compelled to distract from their serial criminality anyway they can.

The one thing that we all should really Ponder though, is that Trump will only be there for 6 more years.

AG nominee Barr: Shocked when I saw Strzok and Page texts.

CDC: ‘Statistically Strong Relationship Exists Between MMR & Autism’

Mainstream News Networks, The Enemy of the American people, Ran 90% Anti-Trump Propaganda, Polls Show.

A former top FBI lawyer who worked with James Comey is under a criminal investigation for leaking to the mainstream media. General Counsel James Baker was involved in a plot to help undermine the Trump administration.

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