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Things I see, hear and contemplate:

Until Mid 2018 I had a family member in Military Intelligence.  Yeah!   I hear things.

I also listen to others and read a lot.  Some of it I think about and some of it is pure stuff emitted from the South end of a North bound Bull. 

Why do I hear that we have been invaded?  Are being invaded.  Not by just the so called Caravans.

I see videos of train loads of white UN Vehicles being taken where ever they are being taken within the US. 

I hear fellow shooters say they were in Mexico and saw hundreds of Tanks with red stares painted on them close to the US/Mexico Border.

I hear of the Mexican gangs, the MS13, whatever they are called, are in our US Cities.  Some have been apprehended crossing the US/Mexican Border and ordered released.

Groups of Chinese have been apprehended crossing the US/Mexican Border.

UN Peace Keepers are living in the US.  They do not seem to care that we know they are here.

A good number of the Military, with equipment, are being deployed at the US/Mexican Border.  I do not think they are there for the so called Caravans.

Muslims?  There are compounds of Blacks, turned into Muslims, here in the US.  The FBI know where and how many.  The Middle Eastern kind are hare too.

The US does not really have a Southern Border.

I know what the Constitution means concerning the Militia.  Being a person who has documented twenty-two men who fought in the American Revolution, in direct decent. has some idea what our Founding Fathers meant when they included the Militia, the people, in the Constitution.  I know that today, the homeland government thugs are doing what the Constitution says is the duty of the militia.

What say you?

Lowell from Dayton, Nevada. 

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Your not just seeing things brother, we have many different kinds of invaders, some you would never guess are and their allise make no mistake; are not our friends. We have been effectively captive for 86 years now and they are getting ready for something big but not telling us anything, That usually indicates it's against the people as history proves. If you haven't noticed the push for over reaching laws, dissolving our constitution and criminalizing the belief or practice thereof? They mean to rule us and our people are letting them.

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I seen a white armored UN vehicle it was in a holler with 8 other white UN vehicles in Clay county WV....in the middle of no and were...no story with it so take as you please...I feel like that's sayng bigfoot in some circles but I hear you bro...I'm pretty sure ppl don't see as good as you and me.

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Actually, if you are really paying attention and if you are living in a "normal" neighborhood, maybe you may have noticed a significant rise in Meth arrests and activity. We are being softened up by weakening our society with a huge influx of drugs. Meth kills but first it makes you insane. Forget marijuana, that's the least of your troubles. I live in a community of veterans police, correctional officers, etc. as we live in what is called the prison valley. But there is a subculture that operates at night while most people sleep. Using the alleyways as sort of a highway. Sick little theiving [email protected]$$, And then they have children, just imagine that home life. I have PTSD so i never sleep more that a couple of hours at a time. Also my pits are on high alert. I'm up before dawn so as I walk through my neighborhood I see things most don't. Most arrests here stem from Meth. This is the poison being sent to us but to be honest, this would not be a problem if there wasn't a willing market. Also know that MS13 grew out of L.A. during the contra-San denista thing. I'm probably spelling that wrong. Anyway I've seen their tags anyways for decades. They are not new. I don't Know why any gangs are allowed to exist. All enemies foriegn and domestic, right?


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