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Is My Militia for real?

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Here are google searches for "<state militias>" and where we rank


Our goal is to be top 3 for all 50 states and that is what we are going to do, anyone looking for anything militia-related is going to end up on My Militia and that's how we grow and get stronger.




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I do believe that at least in part the question stems from a belief that Militia groups are anti-government and therefore NOT PUBLIC.  So usually when I'm asked such a question I begin by talking about the History of Militia's and in Particular the Black Robed Regiment and our American Revolution as it happens to be connected to our history and our being founded on Christian principles. 

That usually helps the conversation progress towards a more realistic conclusion and in some cases we've interested
people enough for them to support us.  But don't take MyWord for it: Black Robe Regiment

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"Is this site for real?

That's a question we just got asked by someone. How do you respond to that?

Are they impressed at what patriots can do when we work together? or Do they see us as a joke?"


The site as a whole is composed of many individual entries whose sum creates a whole... at least to the extent to which the visitor visits the separate entries that make up a whole.


Visit the main entry "front" page and impressions begin. The "Who We Are" and "Disclaimer" are prominent and lend some respectability to the site.


Site navigation is better than many but something seems just a bit amiss. I need to spend more time perusing to arrive at a definitive reason(s) at my not giving navigation an excellent rating.


There's a billion Web sites out there. It takes time to get the word out.  Encourage site members to spread the word. Already done and will repeat the efforts every couple months I place one of your graphics with the site logo/graphic and the URL at Google-plus, Pinterest,  Gab and other sites so the masses can see that you exist.


You will know that you have "arrived" when that despicable cultural-Marxist New World Order open-border-loving Southern Poverty Law Center  labels you as a "hate organization."


Do you need a section that describes the militia entity and what it means to various folks? Some new arrivals will ascertain immediately the raison d'etre of My Militia while others will be aghast and wonder why this evil monstrosity is allowed to exist. or do you simply ignore the brainwashed buffoons and strictly be a gathering place for those aware and accepting of militias?


Over the years I have noticed that many militia-related sites, from sites operated by one militia unit to all-encompassing sites trying to be a focal point for numerous militia groups, concentrate on the "front-line troop" aspect of the militia unit. That is fine. But, consider this. The slugfest through Western Europe to defeat Germany required frontline troops. That's what all the movies covered. But reality smacks us in the face and without the truck drivers and cargo ship unloaders and the folks in the factories manufacturing materiel and writers producing output from Stars & Stripes (I read it avidly in the mid-70s when in Asian waters) and scripts for movies to keep morale high to the farmers harvesting the vittles to feed everybody. It takes a team for any unit to function. Perhaps a part of the site geared to the home-front folks. Medics to treat wounded brought back from engagements. Folks producing the propaganda to fight the propaganda produced by the forces of evil (my current job and done since 1995 when first entering the Web) is one aspect of the militia. Older folks and those with injuries or impairments can still be a vital part of any militia group. Even old farts such as I can still guard a base camp or even by being inside my own home I can be a refuge for troops evading the enemy. Having militia supporters who stay in the background and are not seen with the militia regulars and thus not observed by enemy agents can maintain hide-outs where evaders can obtain succor.


There are many aspects of that which is militia that are not covered or are skimmed over. To what depth does My Militia want to go when reaching out to militias in general?


A multitude of questions with answers aplenty that vary depending the mind-sets of the questioners and answerers.


A mighty task the operators of My Militia have undertaken. Some of the work is basic Internet Marketing.


Before I go... 


Will there be any attempts to cover events as is done at Oath Keepers (OK)? They have attempted to muster the troops for various affairs such as providing protection to besieged Ferguson, MO business owners. They received ample negative coverage for that from elite-owned elitist New World Oder-loving media.


A call was also made to assist hurricane victims but I do not know how much response they received. It appears that participation at the various OK Web sites used for state chapters members to communicate has dropped substantially.


Will My Militia undertake any "missions" such as defending the Covington, KY youth that the tyrannical evil media used in an attempt to make Trump and conservative patriots appear in a bad light?  Try this link to see how the media spits upon decent folks:




Thankfully a multitude of patriots pounded the Web with rebuttals after it was found out that the initial news reports that filled the Web, TV , radio and print media was a DAMN LIE and a tactic used by the cohort that wants to convert the USA into some bastardized weirdness that the Founders warned us about and reminded us via their writings that, at times, the Liberty Tree needs fertilized while defeating the tyrants that appear from time-to-time. Do you folks believe that our ways of life and even Western civilization as a whole is in peril? If so... is it your duty to do all you can to assist with defeating tyranny? If you believe so to what extent can you go to avoid legal problems and ensure you do not commit any offenses that allow the tyrants or their lackeys to haul you into civil court.


Okay, that's enough.





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Its Past Time for us to Stand The Enemy is being Voted in our Political System by the Demoncrats and telling us that they are going to take over our country yet we sit here , If Everyone is Waiting for the Blue Hats/ UN  to Finally Realize that We have Been Taken Over It Will Be Too Late !! The Demoncrats are Just as Bad as The UN They Have Let The Enemy In Our Camp !!

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Yes.  This movement is for real.


Even though I'm beyond the traditional age for a militiaman, in the United States, when I shoot, I don't miss.  I was a sniper in Vietnam from 1968 until May of 1969.  I've never stopped upgrading my skills.  And I've never stopped loving my country ... not the country the Left wants to push onto us, a country of soy boys and and children posing as Congressmen.  I won't make any 30-mile hikes in full kit, but show me an area that needs defending, and I will do it.


The Second Amendment was intended to preserve the rights and liberties of all Americans, and I take that very seriously.  With my heavily-modified and modernized, 80 year old Russian Mosin-Nagant, using Winchester-Western ammo, I can knock a speck of dust off of a gnat's nose at 1000 yards, and still poke holes in a standard human silhouette target at 2,000 yards.  A group of younger Patriots on the move would be happy to have me on overwatch.


Yes, this movement is for real ...

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