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We may be too late to do anything...

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How far are we going to be pushed before we decide to take a stand? We have lost our first amendment and they are coming for our second, before you know it, when it's too late your life, your children's life will be nothing more than a privilege that can be taken. So I ask you America; How far are you going to be pushed before you decide to take a stand? Until your are pushed into a corner when you have no ground to stand? Or when they are at your door with guns drawn on you and your family? This used to be a country protected by the men and women convicted to defend our freedoms and rights but no more, we are loosing our country and we allowed it.


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in my opinion its  that time, and in fact is over due....we let the government walk over"WE THE PEOPLE" you no strip a little rights here and there...they mess with individuals as group so theres really no fighting it and winning ...why do we do that because of the consequences of not following there laws...non of us wanna risk being a felon...well I say act now and I see a lot others agreeing with me...again in my opinion we can sacrifice morals for freedom and liberty for are kids...good stuff bro I hope ppl can reflect on what you said


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