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Hello, my name is shawn Cushing 47 yrs old I’m married and have 4 daughters. I am retired army after 14 yrs of service. Was medically retired and 100% with Va for combat related injuries. I can’t work anymore not by choice but by being non workable from va. I’m looking to join a group of like minded individuals that are American loving as much as I am. I need a group that I can start bring my wife and 17 yr old daughter also. I have had a bad feeling about the stability of our government. The rules and regulations that are going on in the government is really scary. I am in no way a white supremacy I believe everyone has the same right to live as the next. I would love to join a group to get back my muscle memory back I retired in 2011 so it’s been a while. I live close to fort mead and very dependable. If there is a group out there that need more volunteers please reach out to me. A little about my military career. I joined in 1989 I became a cook 92b/94g I was with the first of the 12th special forces group. We supported the 12 group. I learned so much from them. Then in 1997 I felt I did not need to be in the military anymore. Then got remarried start to have more childeran finished a BA in computer graphics. Then the dot come boom crashed was really hard to find work so decided to rejoin the army. So joined sept 11, 2007. Was again a cook. Then was with the 130th engineer group in Hawaii. 2009 we set off to Iraq, was stationed a cob spiker in takrit. Was on constant convoys then got injured September 2009 then was sent back home medically discharged. And moved here to Maryland in 2011 been here since. That’s me in a nut shell. 











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On index or Community page, scroll down and look for your state and click on the militia listings link for your state.  You can also try looking on the Map link at top to see if anyone has posted their location near you.  Good luck brother!  If you don't find anyone, you are welcome to start your own group on here and recruit for it.

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