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Situational Awareness Beyond the Battlezone

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The threats confronting the USA are many. Here are two Web sites conveying information about violence-prone agitators and other ne'er-do-wells that I would never want running a country I lived within. Videos and text.


Attacks On Trump Supporters and more...


Violence Against Trump Supporters


Adding a bit of self-promotion. There is a huge number of patriots doing what they can to counter the huge amount of propaganda spewed by tyrannical elites via the media and entertainment industries they own and/or control. Indoctrination via the media and Hollywood entertainment and similar methods are extremely effective. Patriots are combating those powerful "voices" the best we can.


USA & Western civilization under attack



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That is exactly why I open carry. The erosion of our rights including 1st and second amendment and even today as we speak, socialist democrats want to remove the phrase "so help me God." from the swearing in of office and under oath, etc.

 Socialism cannot compete or thrive along with with religion or spiritual people or anyone with an idea of their own. Remove rights and in so doing, remove liberty and any hint of self determination. 

  Reduced to a number.

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I registered with NumbersUSA 20-years or so ago and have used their on-site offerings to contact politicians of all types about the ongoing invasion of the USA and the excess legal immigration rates that have harmed the USA citizens in many ways. Pre-written faxes and e-mails that can be sent to your politicians by a couple clicks have proven their effectiveness over the years. Join the several million other users and assist the impact that the power of many voices has over politicians who are not traitors to We, the people.


No spam received from registering. This is a legitimate group of patriots working at preserving the Founder's creation.






One of many resources available to you. Many do not require registering.

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