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cynthia maue

I am CONDEM Party

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I am at somewhat of a disability disadvantage, but wish to serve in whatever capacity in which you would havee me. I can provide shelter, food and some light medical care. If there is anything else I can do, let me know. I am an ultra conservative democrat, and would never consider rendering aid to liberals. I see them as The Enemy of our constitution.

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Ok smart ass. I'm a 62 yr old grandmother, raised on a farm and one hell of a marksman since I was old enough to pick up a 12 guage. I will tell you, as I tell my 38 and 40 yr old sons, built like John Wayne, I'll beat your ass so hard, it will take you 2 weeks and a dozen bus tickets to make it home. I prefer to be nice, but if you want to be a rude punk, let me introduce to the dark side. Don't screw with the oldest of a 22 child clan, for I'm a born enforcer! Would yoh like to start over? Let me show you how: Hello and welcome. What part of this lousy liberal infested state are you from, neighbor?

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