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Charles Barnette

Looking for like minded people to join or join us....

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Hi, I’m looking to possibly form a small group to assist other larger groups in a SHTF situation.....have a dream that all Louisiana militias would work together for a larger cause.  While some militias specialize in certain areas (medical, communication relays, etc)  My vision is that this militia would specialize in recon and small unit tactics if needed.....to monitor the areas leading into and out of New Orleans metro and the river west of New Orleans....but also surviving the SHTF together.  I am 41 and have 20+ years as an EMT, 9 year Army vet...my wife have many skills she can bring to the table such as she also was an EMT, it’s great at cooking and is a WIZ knitting and sewing....my oldest son is in the LAANG  and is like minded like us.....and believes like I do that in a situation where it’s us vs. the federal government that the National Guard and 2/3 of the active military will not fight for the government......  I am looking for like minded people especially Libertarian views for the most part (Liberty and rights for all citizens, taxation is theft, big government is corrupt) Believe in the Constitution.....it says WE THE PEOPLE, not we the people EXCEPT blacks, Latino, gays, blue hair......liberty for all American citizens.....you don’t have to agree with their view but you have to respect their rights.  I cannot associate myself in a group that holds racism or hate towards someone based on skin pigmentation or sexual orientation.....we are all Americans.....I love my COUNTRY, but I can’t stand my GOVERNMENT.  A new civil war IS COMING.....within the next ten years and I will fight for my people and protect my family, with a larger group, or on my own.

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