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Education vs. Indoctrination

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People are not educated enough.
Yesterday I went to the Comcast Service Center building. As I was talking with the Rep who was maybe mid-twenties. She had a Customer Service (Maybe mid-thirties) Rep comes over as we talked about what we needed to do. Then a guy (maybe mid-forties) comes over to hand the girl a flyer to discuss with me. We were having a great conversation. Others were now getting curious because of what we were discussing. The guy kept looking at my III% flag on the front of my hat. He asked what it was. I looked at him and said it is The Three Percent.
At this point, all 9 people who worked at the counter was now looking at and listening to our conversation. I asked him if knew what the III% was. He looked at me blindly and just shook his head. At this point, all the younger people were listening as though they were sitting in a classroom. I began to explain the history of our Country. When I finished my little story of The Three Percent patch and I was a part of it, they each thanked me for what I do as a Patriot in this Country.
I now see why there is so much hate in this Country. The children are not being taught how to love our Country but to only understand that those who are the weaker are the only ones that need to be defended, but not by physical protection, but to force them to out in front and do not like those who do not care for their lifestyles. The way I see it; Today's youth hates the Bullies, and if you are Christian, a free thinker, someone who loves this Country, you are now the New Bully. You don't believe in Abortion, for whatever your reason, you are now being Oppressive towards those who believe, regardless of religion, it's what they want.
If you believe in God, Jesus Christ or the Bible, you stand your ground on certain matters and those who are against your beliefs because they are of the digital age. Now believe that you are acting as a Supremacist. Because they see you forcing things on them that is no longer taught nor instilled upon them. There are many a day that I will see people in the store and nod to them as they walk by. Some nod back, but sadly enough most just look away and go as though they never seen me there. Many because I am not of the same skin color as them.
I feel best when those of different skin color ask how I am doing when we approach each other. These are real people. Today people are being indoctrinated and not taught. We as a society is now being shown how to stick to yourself and only bother with people who dress and look as they do. Nose rings, huge holes in the earlobes, Multi-colored hair, etc... It is their way of detecting each other, as do groups of III%, Christians, or any other groups of people. If we all acted a little more friendly towards each other we may just start seeing each other as we did before Indoctrinating Educators, BLM, Reality TV, or People in the Entertainment field who peach their belief to their following sheep.
Be as we were created and push the values to the youth as we were taught and raised. We didn't turn out all that bad. Today’s Complacent Society and Accepting Society is the way of the New America. Unfortunately for those who grew up Pledging to the Flag every morning are getting older and the youth are being forced to understand it is a new Country. They no longer have time for our traditions. The aging need to start sharing our beginning and the youth need to start sharing the desires of their future. We all need to accept equally. Stop hating those that do not understand your need for change. That in and of itself only helps to divide a people. We are the United States of America. Act like it. Stop being told how to think and feel by anyone.
You are Not White, You are Not European Americans, You are Not Black, You are Not African Americans, Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE who was born in this Country is an American. Stop trying to be who you are told you are. We need to be United Again. If not we will fail as all the other Countries have done. Be Proud to be an American.
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The indoctrination starts in some preschools and continues all the way up and through college where the brainwashing is topped off.  Just try getting a good grade in most classes now a day if it involves having to regurgitate the liberal leftist indoctrination points, revisionist history, ideology, and you refuse to go along with it.  Now the indoctrination is starting with some parents who raise their kids "gender neutral" or even worse encourage them to behave gender opposite!  

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I got punished back in the seventh grade for a report on the civil war (long story short) everyone hit the textbooks and got passing grades, I hit public records and showed them the textbooks were lying to us. My child is going to home school where she can learn what's right, resite the pledge of allegiance proudly and honor our beloved God in heaven whenever she feels fit.

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