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Our Second Coming "The New Revolution"

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Many times I have said; “There will be a second Civil War”. It is at this time I want to stand corrected. We will not see the Civil War; we will see the second Revolution. Some may be thinking I am a Conspiracy Theorist, some may see me as some talking out their rear end, but truth be told. With the Current standing of our Government, We the People, Will get tired enough to make a serious stand against those who are attempting to destroy the Freedoms and Liberties we have grown to Love.


Yes, we have issues with our fellow Americans because we do not like the beliefs they have been indoctrinated to believe. We may not like someone’s choice to marry the same sex. We may not like someone else’s religious beliefs, and we may not agree with their political understandings, but that is nothing compared to those who decided to take a stand against all that our Country was founded on to only benefit the pockets of a few.


Voting just one time against your Country and her People is a form of Tyranny. That is the true bottom line here. If you vote against anything that benefits military soldiers you are attempting to be Tyrant. If you want to allow any people who are not American Citizens to vote in our elections, you are attempting to be a Tyrant. If you do not agree with the Constitution of The United States, you are a Traitor.


Those who stand against the foundation of this Country should be removed from any political office and be cast out from our Country. A handful of people/politicians wants to ban the Second Amendment. They want to do this, not for our safety, but to make it easier to further their grip on the values of the American People, which allows them the total destruction of our Liberties.


This is their goal. They are not doing any of this for the American People. They do not speak for me, nor do they speak for anyone I know, who loves this Country of ours. The second Revolution is coming. We already know who will win. Now is your time to put aside your political leaders, and seriously look deeply into your souls. You are either going to fight for our Liberties or you are going to fight against. All of us are aware of who will triumph. We have done it once and we will do it a second time.


Who are we one might ask; We are the true American’s. We are the American Patriots. We are The III%. The choice is yours, so chose very wisely. May God Bless America.



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my people perish from lack of knowledge...


but, we are waking up and while knowledge is increasing, it is finding its way to the heart...there it will become ingrained and a lifestyle and not forgotten...


and when ego, greed, fear, timidity, patience, understanding, discernment and obedience level out, then the student will be like the Teacher ...and America will no longer be defined as the land of snakes, but the land of His...and His students.


this is the height of what is at stake; will you get ready ...


you people know how to train, why will you not train for Him...


He asked you to Become, why will you not take Him seriously...


noone has talked to you outside of parables and qlues, are you ready...


thank you Father


and Brother...








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Dont get me wrong, the silent majority will forever go down in history as the tipping point to the great awakening ( the rest of the world's sm's included), but now with that in the book, we may want to go onto the next goal and that is to become the silent maturity...this is what the q army is heading toward whether they are conscious of this fact or not....


my suggestion to yous is to read demonbusters.com and if you come out of that feeling good, your ready for some serious soul searching and maturing ...


many of you may be way farther along and closer than you realize, but what good is your gun if you don't know you have it...


When the mountains are low and the valleys are filled and q is doing the rest, then you will be the mature...


But nothing is fulfilled without the Realationship...


true that...


Have a weekend


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