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General Patton was obviously a ‘reader’; a widely read ‘reader’.
In the African campaign he met and defeated Rommel and stated after doing so that of that defeat based on counter tactics and he reportedly loudly declared of Rommel, ‘I READ YOUR BOOK’! he having simply studied Rommel’s book on Tank Warfare Tactics and countered successfully those tactics by using that knowledge in the defeating Rommel’s tactics which were being followed to the letter in spite of Rommel not being present but back with his family in Germany.
Mr favorite Uncle was a Lt.Col., an Asst. G-4 with the 11th Armored Div,. Patton's III Army and of that I am proud.
The observation that ignorance of history inevitably results repeating over and over the same old mistakes; the lessons so obviously there to teach and for us to learn unknown and/or ignorance and/or to indifference resulting in the cause being lost through default.
Tactics when being thought of immediately bring to mind the ancient text; The Art of War by the famous Chinese general Sun Tzu, written some 2510 years ago and considered the oldest military treatise in the world . . . that is if one forgets our Holy Bible and specifically forget Gideon who is the subject in Judges 6 - 8, Judges 8:36-40 and mentioned again in Hebrews 11:32.
Gideon - if you are a Believer - you will recall that Our Jehovah God task Gideon to raise and command an army and then meet the invasion by the Midianites of the land of Israel and to defeat these invaders and the lesson taught was that when Our God is the Tactician victory is assures and this lesson is so on point today and vividly demonstrations the what is mandatory which is that Our President who is Our God’s Designate and Anointed will ‘execute each and every one of Our God’s “plays” precisely how God calls the Plays victory in each and every engagement is assured!

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