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Magnum Research Now Producing All Desert Eagles in USA

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Magnum Research recently announced the company now produces Desert Eagles in the United States; the classic big semi-auto is now 100-percent American-made. Moreover, the move concludes an effort that began as early as 2008 to get the pistols produced stateside.

American-Made Desert Eagles

Magnum Research produced its first American-made prototypes in 2009. Since then, Magnum Increased American capacity each year. Further, Magnum Research now is on track to build more than 10,000 pistols in the United States this year, according to Magnum Research.

“We are very excited to announce the full U.S. production of the Desert Eagle pistols,” said Jodi Deporter, Director of Marketing, Kahr Firearms Group. “We believe in the importance of keeping manufacturing jobs here in the United States and are proud to offer American-made products to our customers.”

Kahr Arms purchased Magnum Research in 2010. Prior to acquisition, Magnum Research founders Jim Skidum and John Risdall oversaw design and development of the Desert Eagle Pistol. Israel Military Industries (IMI) originally manufactured the iconic sidearm, later shifting to Israeli Weapons Industries (IWI) until 1995. Then Magnum Research moved the manufacturing contract to Saco Defense in Maine. Then in 1998 Magnum Research again moved manufacturing back to IWI until 2009. Meanwhile, throughout the shifting manufacturing entities, Magnum Research maintained ownership of all intellectual property, patents, copyrights and trademarks for the Desert Eagle, according to Magnum Research.

Today, Magnum Research offers the Desert Eagle in a basic 6-inch, black finish model. Additional variants include brushed chrome and Cerakote colors and patters. Also, a “Tiger Stripe” pattern in Gold Titanium nitride-coated finish or black is available, as are case colored pistols. The company also recently added an all-stainless model, along with a 50-ounce, 5-inch version called the L5.

For more information, visit magnumresearch.com.

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