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Yes, they want to define all semi-automatic rifles as an "assault rifle" which is a made up term in the first place used by leftist, liberal progressives and tyrants to warrant banning anything they want to.  They will also apply this to semi-automatic pistols as they fit the traitorous enemy's' definition.  #IWILLNOTCOMPLY!  Why is a state law important to everyone regardless of what state they are in?  Well just look at how the Red Flag laws are taking off and passing like dominoes falling!

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NO done playing by there rules period. we stand for something or nothing. 

we don't ask for permission period. 

we must recognize that the written text of the United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land, regardless of what unelected black robes or illegal courts or unconstitutional laws that are passed or attempt to enforce. The Right to bear arms shall not be infringed in any way method or form. I will uphold the right to bear arms by any level of force required. That any entity who seeks to disarm American citizens are considered the enemy of America. There can be no gray area. Infringement is infringement.  


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