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Minnesota III% Security Force

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We are a unit of the III% Security Force organization.  Open to residents of Minnesota.  This unit is reforming after it had disbanded and is under a new commanding officer.  We are a group of patriotic Americans who believe that the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights that amended it is the supreme law of the land.   We do not discriminate and are open to all races.  You must be a US citizen or at least be in the process of getting citizenship.  You must be able to legally possess a firearm.  Sex offenders, drug abusers, those convicted of domestic violence, or members of extremist organizations and ideologies need not apply.  Examples of extremist organizations and ideologies include but not limited to: Antifa, communists, socialists, Black Lives Matter, KKK, Neo Nazis, Skinheads, La Raza, CAIR, ISIS, Al Qaeda, etc....


We are always looking for new members.  Veterans preferred but not a requirement.  Looking for everything from infantry/riflemen to medics to mechanics to reloaders to military engineers/construction workers to radio operators/electricians.  Preferred that you are able bodied but those not able to do potential combat operations could be employed in an Auxiliary or Support element.  Pretty open right now.  You need to believe in the principles that founded this nation:  life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.   You need to hold that the US Constitution is the supreme law of the land and any law that is unconstitutional is illegal and invalid.  Real world missions would include not just missions to defend our Republic but also humanitarian.  Helping out during and after floods, tornadoes, blizzards etc...  Volunteers may be called for from us to help units in other states after disasters. 

Expect training monthly with one day minimum if it works out will be expanded to 2 days along with FTXs or Field Training Exercises every few months.  Unit is new and everything is still being planned out and put together.


Those interested can check out the III% SF website :   http://www.iiisecurityforce.com/home.html

There are also many channels on You Tube that post videos of training by different III% SF units.   Check them out to see if we might be who you are looking for.  If you are considering joining up go to the Contact page on the main website and request an interview.  You will be sent instructions for your interview.  If you pass the vetting process I will be notified and we can start seeing if you like the unit.  Guns UP!


Commanding Officer MN III% Security Force

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Has Minnesota truly become completely taken over by leftists?  Where are the patriots?  Are we as a state beyond redemption now?  It seems like it.  After all we put Al Franken in the Senate, Ilhan Omar in the House, and put a rapist/wife beater Keith Ellison in as the Attorney General!  I now understand why the other militias that posted here have gone inactive. 


Our unit is still here if anyone decides our state isn't a complete loss.

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Author of the topic Posted

This is the official notice that the Minnesota 3% Security Force is leaving the 3% Security Force
organization. Reasons for this are:
1) 3SF refusing to interview our recruits. They are ignored on Guns Up and Facebook. IF they some
how get interviewed they are deceived and lied to that no unit exists in Minnesota. The unit is not told
when we had someone go thru interviews. We know this is fact by maintaining contact with the
recruits during the process.
2) Constant disrespect and dismissal by members of 3SF on Zello. Especially by GEN Blood Agent,
LTC Black Hoof, MAJ Sky Dog, and CPT Hitman. When we contribute to a discussion we are
ignored. When we ask a question they change the subject and ignore us. It also includes 3SF officers
such as Blood Agent and Hitman telling us on Zello that they do not consider us actual members. Their
stated reason is our unit does not meet requirements to be ratified. This is because of 3SF deliberately
sabotaging us.
3) We have no confidence in most of the Officers, Warrant Officers, and NCOs of the 3SF. Mainly
those already named but especially Blood Agent. It is glaringly obvious to us he has no leadership
abilities, professional capabilities, or tactical knowledge.
4) The rank and promotion system is a joke based on popularity and sucking up to the senior 3SF
leadership. And not based on knowledge or abilities. An example of this is all those who showed up to
Blood Agent’s birthday party got promotions and units with only a single member and had not held a
single training event were immediately ratified as official units.
We have been forced to do our own background checks and interviews. Because of this we have not
given 3SF a list of our actual manning roster. The members present at the last training event voted to
leave 3SF effective immediately en mass as a unit. Because of 3SF actions and inactions the Viking
Raider Company is going independent.

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Sucks what happened to you guys.  From what it sounded like when you were telling me about it they really shafted you guys.  You should do a new posting for your unit under the new name you guys were considering if that is what you finalized for your choice.  Maybe I'll do a shout out for you guys if you do.




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