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Meprolight’s MEPRO MOR PRO Delivers Day, Night Options

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Meprolight recently introduced its latest relfex sight and laser combo, the MEPRO MOR PRO. Additionally, the MEPRO MOR PRO includes two laser aiming devices, both visible and IR.

Developed for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), the MEPRO MOR PRO allows for quick, instinctive target acquisition with one or both eyes open, according to Meprolight. Additionally, the optic delivers fast transition between long-range and CQB scenarios. With both visible and IR laser devices, the MEPRO MOR PRO offers users the ability to use the laser in low light and daytime conditions.

The passive reflex is self-illuminated, and the reflex offers an extra bright LED dot for special light circumstances. Addtionally, red or green laser points are available for various types of target engagement. Also, an IR laser pointer helps operators work in dark conditions as well. The MEPRO MOR PRO’s combined zeroing system co-aligns the aiming patter and the two laser pointers into a single zeroing procedure, according to Meprolight.

The MEPRO MOR PRO withstands the user’s physical stress or extreme firing situations, as its built to withstand both harsh weather and temperature conditions, according to Meprolight. The optic features a 30mm lens that enables a large field of view for rapid target acquisition. Also, it utilizes four reticle options, including bullseye, triangle, open “x” and .22/4.3 MOA.

The MEPRO MOR PRO features a constant and momentary PTL mode and an automatic PTL function. The sight also utilizes a two-battery compartment for redundancy and to extended battery life. However, Meprolight claims one battery will effectively run the unit. Also, the optic mounts to a Picatinny rail. The suggested retail is $1,299.

For more information, visit meprolight.com.

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