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Venezuelan Socialistic Regime; The Socialist-run Government just had 1,000’s of their Military break through the border to escape the Socialistic Rule in their Country. The Tyrant who is at the top is arming Criminals to protect the border, who now devote all of their loyalty to said Socialist Regime.
This is how it all works. Tyrant enacts Socialist Government; People suffer as the Tyrant removes their money, food, and Rights, in order to take control over the people. Those who are willing to go against the people are the ones the Socialist Ruler wants to gain their Loyalty.
Back here in America; the Democrats want to remove the one leader who can shut down their Liberal Democratic Socialistic desires. Then they can take over. “We The People” do not want this Socialistic Rule here on American Soil. The Democrats will do whatever it takes to keep the Criminals and illegal aliens happy. Then when they take away the very foundation our Country was built on. They will strike, like the Godless Venomous Serpents that they are
Then and only then, they will have a force that will support and protect them. What they fail to see is the convictions and reserve of the American People. If you think I am blowing smoke here, research it. We need to stop this now. We need to voice our concerns at every cost. The Democrats want Illegal Aliens, they want to lower the voting age to those they have been indoctrinating (Our Children). They want No Voter ID’s in order to vote for them.
It is time to make a stand in America. It is time to push back at every chance to stop this Madness. Pelosi, OUT. Schumer, OUT. Booker, OUT. Feinstein, OUT. Omar, OUT. We need to vote for Term limits. Even those who are currently in Congress are in favor of Term Limits. What does that tell you? They are tired of the corruptions behind closed doors of the house.
The Muller investigation is out. There are NO MORE Indictments, yet the top Democrats are now saying that the Muller Report is Rigged… Come on, it’s over. Your prying waste of taxpayers money proved nothing you were hoping for so you could attempt to take over America.
We can no longer sit idly by while these kids and corrupt Politicians attempt to take our Country away. We need to put an end to this. No longer can we sit back a cruise through life in America. If there is a protest in your area, show up. Even if it is to show support for those who no longer want to allow these Liberal Socialists to have a say. There is strength in numbers.
Let us show our numbers. God Bless, President Trump. God Bless America. God Bless “We the People” and God Bless The III%

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