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Fusion Center War on Patriots

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Dear sirs, I am a retired National Security Agency intelligence analyst (28) years. I moved to Tallahassee, my family’s home town, to await my husband’s retirement. We both had been living in Tallahassee, but moved to Maryland to take Federal jobs. Mine came to a premature end when I asked the NSA Inspector General to investigate the theft of credit for my award-winning Top Secret report series (that was estimated to have saved 2,000 lives) by my boss to credit to the woman he was sleeping with in the office, to give her my promotions (double). For that I was villified, slandered, libelled, stalked and harassed by NSA Security goons, and fired illegally. They also trashed me to my neighbors with similar false, mystery accusations.  I moved to Tallahassee after filing a lawsuit against them. According to LCSD Jeffrey Canon, NSA sent reps to Tallahassee for a “secret exercise” in early 2015 just before NSA started another slander, libel, and stalking harassment campaign using falsified secret accusations that somehow “I” had done something wrong. I had not.  So Fusion Center Domestic Terrorism Unit goons, put their civilian mercenaries called “Infragard” in action to stalk and harass me in teams, relay style. Mr. Kennedy and Annie White (FBI affiliated) even went trhough my neighborhood in Greenwood Hills, where I technically was staying with my quite elderly parents (ret. USAF Col./Wounded Vietnam War vet father) and not only spread vicious lies about me, but they stayed with muktiple neighbjrs long enough to train them how to use mobile directed energy weapons (DEW) on my house to try to intimidate me into dropping my lawsuit or kill me if I did not. These are the same kind of weapons used on our diplomats in Cuba in 2017 and China in 2018... yet, I was reporting being assaulted with them 24/7 in late 2015 and all of 2016 until I was forced to leave Tallahassee. My parents were hit too being in the same house. We all now have heart damage from the assaults by gleeful, ignorant, mercenary imbeciles paid with under-the-table gift cards laudered through a third party affiliated with the Tallahassee Fusion Center. I also have a brain lesion, bleeding in the brain, and scarred retinas... all from DEW attacks. I have some addresses, names license tags of the mercenaries conducting war crimes against me and my family. But know that Fusion Centers nationwide are taking contract kills on inconvenient people, like people of integrity, whistleblowers, Constitutionalists, Patriots, Christians, etc. in a secret civil war usung falsified secret accusations and high tech covert weaponry to pick off true Americans. I have reason to believe many of these weapons are being supplied by the Nav Sec Group in Panama City. The Pandoras Box is open, Fusion Centers not only use dimwit dupes but actual criminals to do their dirty work. So the stupidest and vilest people in society now have high tech, covert weapons to use as tyey wish. 

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