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Im Bear7, 

  I stumbled upon this lil forum.

Im a Part of USFreedomArmy.com (USFA) im a Army Veteran, Christian and a Florida area resident. 

    I honestly do support the troops. Because the .gov leadership and politics of the military Sucks as i know 1st hand and likely others here too. I kinda wish Military Brass would revolt and would be reinstating the Foundation of this Country and cleaning up the Socialist communistic anti Americans. And i support the police. But i would like them read and undergo a class in Cadet school on the founding documents and grow a pair. The police conduct so-called sobriety check points, which violate the Fourth Amendment’s protection against unreasonable and warrantless searches. They participate in seizure of property upon mere suspicions and without due process, violating the protections of our Fifth Amendment. 


This is just my opinion I'm  sharing. Whether I should or not.

 And i strongly support legal, Constitutional, Gun Rights..

  Democrats are a new National Socialist American anti Worker Party that wants to drag America as it should be in the dirt. In the 1800s Democrats supported Slavery, now they seem to support Racial Tension. Trump is trying for all Americans.



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