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 The left is talking about Reparations as a serious and realistic option.  All you pasty folks have some sins to pay for.  Better prepare for higher taxes. This is a rather clever attempt by the plantation loving left to secure the African American voting block come election time.  



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On 4/14/2019 at 6:25 AM, John Last said:

Be sure to deduct for the 325,000 Union soldiers who died purchasing their freedom.

Yeah.... don’t think anyone got what I was writing.


Since there aren’t any current freed Slaves nor any current Slave Owners... there is no legitimate basis for reparations. 


Besides, after the War of Northern Aggression ended, Lincoln offered all freed slaves a ship ride back to Africa. Many went to Monrovia, Liberia and duplicated our Constitution plus created their own plantations with slaves & slave owners.


Those freed slaves who stayed in America, did so of their own Free Will and therefore no reparations are due to them or their descendants. 


If anyone is owed any type of reparations, it would be the American Indians and Hawaiian whose country was absolutely & verifiable stolen by the American military! 


Then President Bill Clinton (?)  apologized to the Hawaiians but never offered to return their country to them! 

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