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WATCH: Louisville Metro Officers Shoot, Kill Armed, Charging Suspect

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Louisville Metro Police Officers shot and killed a charging, armed suspect recently in Kentucky. The shooting ended an incident that had already left one man wounded.

The incident began when officers responded to a call to an apartment complex where reports said a man had been shot several times. Dispatchers told officers en route that the suspect was reportedly still on the scene, said a report by wdrb.com.

“His behavior was described as erratic by the witnesses prior to our arrival, and I think we continued to see that once the officers were on the scene,” said Lt. Aaron Crowell, as reported by wdrb.com.

Louisville Metro Police Respond

Officer body cam footage shows the suspect, later identified as 33-year-old Terry Davis, Jr., erratically approaching two responding officers, William Mattingly and Michael Purcell. The officers had taken a position of cover behind a parked car while the suspect attempted to escape across the parking lot. He then turned toward the officers, who shouted “drop your gun” at least a dozen times.

But Davis refused to comply, and when the suspect finally reached close proximity to the officers, they opened fire. Further, officers Mattingly and Purcell appear to fire four shots each, eight total, stopping and dropping the suspect.

“He had every opportunity to surrender, to drop the gun,” said Tim Bonner, who lives in the apartment complex. “They asked him several times. You could hear them yelling out the commands. And when he took off running with the gun forward, there’s nothing they could do. Nothing they could do,” reported wdrb.com.

Authorities transported Davis to University Hospital, where he later died from his wounds. Meanwhile, at last report, the hospital listed the original suspect in critical condition. Louisville Metro Police placed both Mattingly and Purcell on administrative leave, pending investigation, according to Louisville Metro Police.

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