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Any thoughts?

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Here's my two cents worth.  Mexico has it's problems, no doubt.  Their "National Army" or whatever was corrupted and failed in it's mission to rid the country of drug cartels etc.  There's no reason to think that the socialist President will have any better luck with this "new" National Guard.


What really concerns me is the UNITED NATIONS backing that he will receive.  The UN has a long standing position (their main mission) of "one world governance".  What that means is they want the entire world, including the United States, to be controlled by them alone... and they aren't even elected by anybody.  They want the USA destroyed as a nation: our Constitution thrown in the trash and our people subservient to a New World Order of potentates sitting at the UN.


So, what we will see is a new military formation, supposedly cloaked in "humanitarian" missions, with the underlying (hidden) goal of destroying the sovereignty of these United States of America.  It begins at the border, but once the illegals are in, the structure of the USA will begin to crumble under the façade of "human rights" instead of Constitutional guarantees of personal freedom.  They will of course be assisted by the likes of Occazio-Cortez, Pelosi, Swalwell, and Nadler, whose socialist allegiance is with the one-world government and not to the United States, that they swore an oath to defend.


Make no mistake, we are in for a rough ride, and we are going to need every man, woman and child that believes in the sovereignty of this nation and the Constitution, to do all they can to ensure that our ideals survive this onslaught. 

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