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Local Residents Upset Over Patriotic Laguna Beach Squad Cars

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In this week’s sign the apocalypse is upon us, the Laguna Beach Police Department debuted new American flag-inspired paint jobs on its squad cars. And people freaked the freak out over it. Sigh, Kalifornia.

In a shocking display of all things un-American, some local residents became very disturbed over what many found to be a striking, inspiring paint job. The offending part of the new look? American flag-inspired stars and stripes within the font of the word “POLICE.”

“There was like a little panic going on, and I was like, ‘What’s happening?'” local resident Chris Prelitz said in a story reported by yahoo.com. “When one of [the cars is] there, it works. But all of a sudden, I saw, wow, when there are three, maybe four of them together, folks thought it was a SWAT team, federal agents. So it had a very striking, strong impact, so much so that I think there might be some unintended consequences.”


Then on Twitter, @ThePoliceStateX said “One more step towards a total police state. next step is to require everyone to salute as they drive past.” Another “local artist,” Carrie Woodburn, said it was “shocking to see the boldness of the design” and that it “felt very aggressive,” according to Yahoo.com.

What in the name of Skillset is going on in Laguna Beach?

California law required the city council to listen to this buffoonery, along with any positive remarks from the public, prior to voting whether to keep or shun the red, white & blue. However, fortunately cooler heads prevailed, and the council voted 4-1 to keep the American flag font on all squad cars.

Those in attendance, apparently overwhelmingly in support of keeping the graphic, belted out the National Anthem following the vote.


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