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Vortex Razor HD 4000 Rangefinder Stretches 4,000 Yards

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Vortex recently released its newest optic, the Razor HD 4000 rangefinder. The new rangefinder delivers ranging capability out to 4,000 yards, giving hunters and long-range shooters a valuable tool to take afield.

The Razor HD 4000 ranges out to an impressive 4,000 yards in ELR (Extended Laser Range) mode. At that distance, it reads ranges within 5 yards. Meanwhile, distances display with .1 increment accuracy out to 199.9 yards/meters, according to Vortex.

The Premium HD optics provide a clear view, while 7X magnification helps identify targets at extended ranges. The illuminated display delivers fast readouts and is easily picked up by the eye, according to Vortex. Five brightness settings enable users to match environmental lighting conditions. Also, a battery indicator illuminates when battery life hits 25 percent.

Vortex Razor HD 4000 Settings

The HCD (Horizontal Component Distance) setting displays an angle-compensated distance reading. The LOS (Line of Sight) setting displays straight line of sight distance. The LOS feature aids when calculating long-distance, high-angle shots, with external ballistic software. Finally, Scan Mode gives range readings as the user pans across the landscape. This feature also aids when tracking a moving target.

Four ranging modes accommodate situational-specific scenarios. Normal Mode returns the strongest reading. Meanwhile, First Mode displays the closest object it meets. Last Mode returns the range reading of the object furthest away. Finally, ELR mode provides ranging at extended ranges.

The lightweight magnesium housing features rubber armor for protection and solid grip in all weather conditions. Additionally, a multi-position twist-up eyecup helps customize eye relief. Also, the unit accepts a tripod for stability.

The Razor HD 4000 also features an adjustable utility clip mounted to the body. The clip enables quick, convenient attachment/detachment to a bino harness, belt, pocket or pack, according to Vortex. Also, an auto-coiling lanyard leashes the unit to the anchor point of choice. The Razor HD 4000 runs on an included CR2 battery.

For more information, visit vortexoptics.com.

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