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The Real Militia, Just my thoughts as 1st SGT. Tn

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An armed militia was ‘detaining’ migrants at the border.

Just my thoughts

This is Not who we are folks. As they say in the article, alleged militia extremist. We are Not Law Enforcement. We are Not Vigilanties. We are Guardians when called up by the Governors of our States or the President himself.


The Militia is a military force that is raised from the civil population to supplement a regular army in an emergency. We are here to protect our homeland from invading Armed Militant Forces. We are here to defend the Constitution of the United States of Ameria.


If you think you have the right to take the law into your own hands you are sadly mistaken. Taking the Law into your own hands makes you a Rogue Group/Individual. Stop being so damned Cocky. There are rules and guidelines for being in the Militia. There always has been and there always will.

If you swore an Oath to join the Militia, you better reread what you swore Oath too.


The Militia Soldier’s Oath

I do swear, before God and the personnel assembled, that I will:

- Follow the orders of my leaders to the best of my ability.

- Keep the identities of all my fellow soldiers a secret and not give in under threats, torture, or prison to the point of death.

- Keep all knowledge of militia activities and resources a secret to the point of death.

- Not abuse my authority or the power of my weapons.

- Be a friend of the common citizen.




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Tennessee Commander

Captain of the 19th Tennessee Infantry

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Guest Sean Reid

I totally agree. As much as it infuriates me, I don't see it as our duties to guard the border. Mostly due to the political climate of today and the current connotation of the word "militia". Unfortunately for us, even if standing tall at the border is necessary for your area we will be demonized and if possible charged with a crime. The government hates competition of any kind, so when we do their job for them it doesn't help any.


Keep your units trained and supplied. Stay vigilant. Keep a weary eye on the future and your local community. We are much more valuable to our communities as true "first responders" in the meaning of we will beat the police and EMS to any scene since citizens are the ones who notify them in the first place. Being armed to stop an active shooter, knowing advanced first aid and stopping if you see a car accident, or the classic helping someone change a tire on their car. These are the ways we can make a difference every day. Take care of your community first.


If you drive 12 hours with your full kit and get into trouble, even if its not legitimate, its easy to convince people you went looking for trouble. BUT- On the other hand, if militia units were called to action by the Governor of the State then I'll be in one of the first trucks leaving for the border.

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Guest Sean Reid
7 minutes ago, Dav Harzin said:

so if the regular army is orderd to fire on civilian or round them up, and they need 'backup' to do this you are going to help them.

If the regular army follows these orders they are all traitors. If they are ever given this order, they have a duty to disobey it. If they are wise they will take the CO into custody.

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First of all, we as a Militia would not be called on to fire on anyone.  Our first mission would be to maintain civility among the general population. The Regular Army has the right to fire upon Civilians (Even though they will never fire on US Citizens), We do not. We would only be justified in firing upon anyone if and only if our Military was failing to perform in the field. Then we are there to Supplement the Regular Army.


Second, we as civilians not trained in detaining/rounding up other people is not for us unless asked to help out. We would only be asked to watch over those already detained. It would be at that time we would be under Martial Law. If we were placed under Martial Law our Governor would call us to act within the borders of our own state if needed. We do not have the jurisdiction at that point to go outside of our State Borders. Hence the name States Militia. If you were to step outside of the border of your home state you are considered a Felon and will be treated as such.


The only time the first two statements do not come in to play is if and when we must take a stand and begin a Revolution against a Tyrant of our own Country. Then the only rules that will pertain to us are the Oath and the Militia Standard Guidelines. Then it would be God Bless us all.

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Tennessee Commander

Captain of the 19th Tennessee Infantry

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