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Hello to all my Brother and Sister Patriots that are looking to join an active training Militia Unit

I am Earl Webb, The Commander of the Alabama Unit of Oathkeepers III% Militia.


We are having our May meeting/training session on May 30th thru June 3rd. We will be camping at the Bankhead National Forrest Primitive campground at Double Springs, Alabama. We will also be going to their public shooting range on Saturday where we will have a firearms safety class and then do some shooting so that I can get an idea of who can handle their weapons and hit what they are aiming at and give those that need help the attention they need to make them good shooters!    


All-Patriot minded persons, male or female and all races and religions are welcome to join us and become members of our unit! Our only qualification to join our unit is that you swear an oath to protect and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic! You must be loyal to the Free Republic of the United States of America and not be a convicted felon of certain heinous crimes such as armed robbery, murder, child molestation, theft, rape or sexual assault or being a terrorist or a Muslim that practices Islamic sharia law!     If you are a felon and do not fall in any of these categories, contact me and explain your situation and be willing to take a background check at your expense and we will vote on you get to join our unit!  WE DO NOT ALLOW CONVICTED FELONS TO JOIN OUR UNIT OR MUSLIMS THAT PRACTISE THE ISLAMIC SHARIA LAW!   WE DO NOT DISCRIMINATE AS TO ADE, RACE, CREED OR POLITICS! YOU ARE REQUIRED TO SIGN A SWORN OATH TO DEFEND AND PROTECT THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES AGAINST ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC! IF WE DECIDE TO DO A BACKGROUND CHECK ON A PERSON, THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYING FOR IT! LADIES AND PERSONS &! AND !^ WILL SLEEP IN A DESIGNATED AREA AND NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO VISIT THEIR TENTS UNLESS THEY GET PERMISSION FROM ME DIRECTLY!


We will have a full weekend of training! Persons should bring a tent, sleeping bag, and cot or sleeping pad, water and food for the weekend and Gatorade and snacks. You should make sure you have canteens or bottled water if you do not have any tactical gear! You should bring your rifle and 60 rounds of ammo and pistol with 50 rounds of ammo and an empty cardboard box and a pack of 10-inch targets to shoot at, flashlight, toilet tissue,  notebook, and pen or pencil and folding chair! Please leave all firearms in your vehicle unless you have  Alabama Pistol Permit then you can wear your pistol! Remember we will be on  Federal Forrest Land and can not have a rifle or shotgun loaded on the property except on the firing range! You will also need $15.oo for the parking for the weekend!

Please check in on Friday afternoon from 6:00 pm until 12:00 midnight! There will be somebody up to check you in and assist you in setting up your tent. We will start training at 9:00 am on Saturday morning! We will wrap up our training and dismiss around 1:00 pm or earlier on Sunday!


All persons male or female ages 18 and up can join our unit! Persons 16 and 17 can join our unit under our young Patriot program we have just started but they will not be allowed to carry a handgun unless it is a black powder revolver. They can carry a rifle or shotgun at the range and while we are training. They also must have a signed, notarized permission slip to join our unit from their parents or guardian! They will be limited to training operations and will not be able to go on missions where they can get hurt! They can also participate in search and rescue operations!


When we camp, the person below 18 years old and females will have their own designated sleeping areas and nobody will be able to visit this area unless they get my personal permission and they must state their reason for the visit!

We are also seeking special persons to fill new categories in our unit! If you fall in any of thee categories below, we want you to join our unit! It is our goal to raise a group of Alabama patriots to defend our Constitution, the United States, the State of Alabama and our local communities in the wake of civil unrest and to defend and protect each other and our families and move to a secluded location near water and set up a camp until law and order is once again obtained! I hope to see a large group of people that come to our meeting and join our unit! Feel free to bring anyone that might be interested in joining with you!


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Hello Brother and Sister Patriots! I am Earl Webb, The Commander of The Alabama Unit of Oathkeepers III% Militia. I am posting a special invitation for special Patriots that fit in any of the categories that I am posting! We need you bad as well as any other person that wants to join our unit!  Please contact me immediately if you want to join our unit and fall into any of the categories I am listing! 

You do not need any experience to be an artillery person, we will train you! We will also train you to be a spotter for our snipers! Please read the memo that I will be listing on other Militia sites!


We will have our required meeting on May 30th thru June 2nd at Bankhead National Forrest Campground and will go to their firing range on Saturday the 1t of June. Persons should log in from 6:00 pm on Friday evening until 12:00 midnight. We will start training at 9:00 am. This will give everyone time to get up and eat breakfast and do whatever before the meeting starts. Persons will need a tent, sleeping bag and pad or cot, food and water and drinks and snacks for the weekend because no one will be allowed to leave after they check in unless of an emergency! Persons should bring a folding chair, notebook and pen or pencil, pistol and rifle and shotgun(optional) 50 rounds for pistol and 6o rounds for rifle, a box to shoot at and a pack of 10-inch targets! !6 and 17-year-olds are welcome to join our young patriot program but will be limited to the training and missions they can go on and they will have to have a notarized and signed permission slip by their parents or guardians to join. 18 and up can join but only 21 and up can carry a handgun and must have an Alabama pistol permit! All long guns must be kept in the vehicle and pistols unless you have a valid Alabama concealed pistol permit because we will be on a National Forrest! You can however use your long guns on the firing range!



I want to reach out to any person that owns a horse and wants to join our Militia Unit, please contact us! We are going to add a mounted long range scouting/foraging unit to our unit! The person can be age 18 and up, male or female! Please, no stud horses! We also are looking for any ham radio operators ages 16 and up for our unit! You will be over communications for our unit! We are also looking for persons 18 and up that are interested in being artillery personnel! You will man the cannons and coehorn mortars that we will be making. They will be black powder and perfectly legal! We are also looking for persons that would like to be snipers for our unit! You will be tested on your long-range shooting skills! We are also looking for spotters for the snipers, and you will have to learn the ballistics chart and the wind shear and range calculations for your sniper that you will be paired with!
We are also looking for persons that have legal, registered machine guns or sub-guns to join our unit and be our gunners for supporting our infantry troops!





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