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Tom Siess

III% Defense Militia Recruiting

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Society says: "It's all OK, Just let our Leadership take care of you"

Leadership says: "We have your back and we will make sure you are going to have everything you need"

Reality says: "Get yourself and your family READY"


Three questions;

1.) What have you done to be sure you and your family would be OK if the events around you take a turn for the worst (natural disaster, weather events, civil unrest, political scourge)

2.) Do you have all the skills needed to get you and your family to safety if needed?

3.) Do you have a network established to help you with all of these needs if things take that turn?

If you honestly answered just these three questions and one or more were negative answers. We can help you.

We are III% Defense Militia. We are a Law abiding, Constitution following and Faith guided organization. Our Members are as culturally diverse as our nation with many common threads. The Love of our Country and our Constitution and our Liberties..
We are seeking individuals and families who are ready and willing to ensure success in these areas of their future. Our Organization is an active Militia with a very well established network throughout the United States and we are growing every day. By joining with us you will be introduced to a multitude of like minded people from not only your state but from across our country who are eager to help you achieve the levels of knowledge and skills that are paramount in the survival of not only you and your family but also our Nation.

If the Reality of our current world has you asking questions, It is time that you make a choice...
.... Let our Society and the Liberal Leadership take care of you and your family or, Make the choice to actively ensure your future. Contact me if you have any questions or go to our Facebook page that is provided below to affiliate with our Organization.
Hope to see you all on the roster soon.


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